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This page was last updated: August 11, 2017
Canton High School
Canton, Connecticut

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n Head coach Roger Pearl
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2009 Pequot Conference standings, news, results

Individual leaders
FINAL (10 games)
RUSHING    Att-Yds  TDs 
Frazer             134-607     11 
Grabowski     102-551      6
Cole                 65-414       3
Harzell             23-123       1
Gavin                  9-80         1
Lewis                 9-43   
Aune                 11-37        1
Plourd                1-29
Mullins               4-26
Lachance          2-13         
Quattro               3-5
Jones                 3-0         

PASSING     C-Att-Int    Yds  TDs
Grabowski     33-79-5  511  6
Quattro              1-1-0       23
Harzell               1-2-0       34
Cole                   0-2-0       0
Gavin                 0-3-1       0

Plourd             15-242     3
Jones              12-223     1
Hartzell              3-84       2
Quattro              3-18
Cole                   1-5
Lewis                 1 (-4)

                   TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Frazier      11-0    0      1    74*
Grabowski  6-0   0      1    38
Cole            3-0    0      2    28**
Hartzell       1-2    0      1     20
Plourd         0-3    0     2      22
Nasson      0-0    8      0       8
Jones         0-1     0      1      8
Gavin          1-0    0      0       6
Aune           1-0     0      0      6
Lewis         0-0     0      1      2
PATS: Nasson 8-11
*Includes 1 fumble rec for TD
**Includes int return for TD

Interceptions (8):Nick Quattro 1-35, Nick Grabowski 2-16, Mike Neriani 2-0, Greg Cole 1-3, Tyler Plourd 1-0
Fumble recovery (7): Mike Frazer 2, Thomas Cruz , Rich Jones, Sean Mullin, Peter Lewis, Greg Cole
SACKS (6): Nate Scott 3-13, Thomas Cruz 1-2, Frazer 1-0, Sean Mullins 1-16
Blocked punt (1): Nate Marino

Avon 47, Canton 20
At Avon
Canton (6-4)  6   0   0 14 – 20
Avon (10-0)14  13  7  14 – 47
First quarter
A: Vince Savarese 85 pass from Andrew Livingstone (Austin Kick kick), 11:20
A: Ross McDonald 21 run (Kick kick), 8:13
C: Mike Fraser 5 run (pass fails), 1:04
Second quarter
A: Savarese 3 pass from Livingstone (kick blocked), 6:49
A: Savarese 5 pass from Livingstone (Kick kick), 1:35
Third quarter
A: McDonald 4 run (Kick kick), 2:49
Fourth quarter
C: Nick Grabowski 4 run (pass fails), 9:27
A: Colin Pavano 9 run (Kick kick), 6:51
A: McDonald 55 run (Kick kick), 2:01
C: Richard Jones 56 pass from Grabowski (Greg Cole run), 0:09
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Nick Grabowski 13-82, Mike Fraser 18-49, Greg Cole 9-22, Sam Hartzell 1-2, Rich Jones 1-0; Avon -- Ross McDonald 23-275, Colin Pavano 8-80, Andrew Livingstone 5-28, Pat Lesczynski 1-minus 8
PASSING: Canton -- Grabowski 10-19-1, 117; Cole 0-2, Hartzell 1-1-0, 34; Andrew Livingstone 7-13-0, 131
RECEIVING: Avon -- Vince Savarese 5-115; Tyler D'Onofrio 2-11; Canton -- Rich Jones 6-84; Tyler Plourd 5-74
RETURNS: Avon -- Pavano 2-16 (kickoffs); D'Onofrio 3-33 (punts), 1-0 (kickoffs); Canton -- Grabowski 3-38 (kickoffs); Plourd 1-14 (kickoff)l; Jones 1-9 (kickoff)
SACKS: Dan Matthews (A) 1-7; Nate Scott (C) 1-7; INTERCEPTIONS: Mike Jung (A) 1-1; FUM REC: Pat Leszcynzki (A) 1; BLOCK PAT: Rich Jones (C)

Canton 34, Wolcott Tech 7
At Torrington
Canton (6-3)            14  6 14 0 – 34
Wolcott Tech (1-8)     0  7   0 0 – 7
First quarter
C: Mike Frazer 6 run (run fails), 8:45
C: Nick Grabowski 43 run (Peter Lewis run), 1:36
Second quarter
WT: Nick Schibi 70 pass from Tom Notchick (Wade Belletti kick), 1:23
C: Frazer 2 run (pass fails), 37.7
Third quarter
C: Tyler Plourd 22 pass from Grabowski (pass fails), 9:37
C: Plourd 4 pass from Grabowski (Rich Jones pass from Grabowski), 1:41
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Connor Gavin 2-0, Kyle Mullins 4-26, Dan Aune 3-10, Greg Cole 11-115, Nick Grabowski 10-98, Rich Jones 1-minus 1, Mike Frazer 11-70, Sam Hartzell 2-14, Peter Lewis 1-0; OWTS -- Isaiah Harrington 13-50
PASSING: Canton -- Nick Grabowski 5-6-0, 124; OWTS -- Tom Notchick 6-13-3, 139
RECEIVING: Canton -- RIch Jones  2-66, Tyler Plourd 3-41; OWTS -- Nick Schibi 2-90, Patrick Higgins 2-24, Seth Beechinor 1-10; Harrington 1-15
SACKS -- none; FUM REC -- Greg Cole; INT: Greg Cole 1-3, Nick Grabowski 1-0, Tyler Plourd 1-0
RETURNS: Grabowski 1-2 (kickoff), Peter Lewis 1-15 (kickoff)

Canton 19, Stafford/EW 18
At Canton
Stafford (1-7)6 0 6 6 – 18
Canton (5-3) 7 6 0 6 – 19
First quarter
C: Greg Cole 3 run (Jeff Nasson kick)
S: Matt Dugan 64 pass from Ian Learned (pass fails)
Second quarter
C: Cole 4 run (kick failed)
Third quarter
S: Matt Graham 25 pass from Learned (pass fails)
Fourth quarter
C: Mike Frazer 2 run (kick failed)
S: Dugan 11 pass from Learned (kick failed), 6:18
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Greg Cole 15-83, Mike Frazer 28-110, Nick Grabowski 15-65, Peter Lewis 2-11, Sam Hartzell 5-16, Tyler Plourd 1-29
PASSING: Canton -- Grabowski 2-8-1, 38
RECEIVING: Canton -- Tyler Plourd 1-11; Rich Jones 1-21
Interception: Mike Neriani; Fumble recovery: Peter Lewis; Sack: Nate Scott

Canton 22, Ellington 8
At Ellington
Canton (4-3)   6  7  0  8 -- 22
Ellington (4-2)0  8  0  0 – 8
First quarter
C: Greg Cole 80 interception return (run fails)
Second quarter
C: Mike Frazer 12 run (Jeff Nisson kick)
E: Nate Tembi 78 run (Selmo run)
Fourth quarter
C: Nick Grabowski 72 run (Tyler Plourd pass from Grabowski)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Mike Frazer 12-58, Nick Grabowski 12-113
PASSING: Canton – Grabowski 2-10-0, 29, Sam Hartzell 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Canton – Sam Hartzell 1-15, Rich Jones 1-14
Interception: Greg Cole (C) 1-80
Fumble recovery -- 
Sacks – Sean Mullins (C) 1-6; Blocked punt – Nate Marino (C) 1
Punt returns --  Kickoff returns -- 

Canton 36, WL/Suffield 14
At Windsor Locks
Canton (3-3)22 6 0 8 -- 36
WL/Suff (1-4) 0 6 0 8 – 14
First quarter
C: Mike Frazer 2 run (Sam Hartzel run)
C: Hartzel 20 run (run failed)
C: Frazer 65 fumble recovery (Frazier run)
Second quarter
WL: Nick Bean 2 run (run failed)
C: Frazer 10 run (run failed)
Fourth quarter
W: Bean 1 run (Bean run)
C: Frazer 1 run (Nick Grabowski run)
Individual statistics
RUSHING -- Mike Frazer 13-79, Nick Grabowski 11-45, Greg Cole 10-41, Sam Hartzell 10-41, Dan Aune 3-20
PASSING -- Grabowskl 0-0-0
Sacks -- Frazer 1, Interception -- Mike Neriani 1, Fumble recovery -- Sean Mullin 1, Mike Frazer 2

Canton 54, Housatonic 23
At Canton
Housatonic (1-3)  16    0  0  7 – 23
Canton (2-3)8  33  7  6 -- 54
First quarter
H: Donyell Williams 3 run (Zach Williams pass from Tanner Brissett), 5:28
C: Nick Grabowski 14 run (Greg Cole run), 3:21
H: Zach Williams 53 pass from Brissett (Brissett run), 2:35
Second quarter
C: Sam Hartzell 24 pass from Grabowski (run fails), 11:11
C: Greg Cole 12 run (pass fails), 10:54
C: Grabowski 20 run (Jeff Nasson kick), 6:06
C: Michael Frazer 1 run (Nasson kick), 2:21
C: Hartzell 45 pass from Grabowski (Nasson kick), 0:00
Third quarter
C: Grabowski 1 run (Nasson kick), 7:37
Fourth quarter
C: Dan Aune 4 run (no attempt), 1:25
H: Forrest Hayden 1 run (Hayden kick), 0:05
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Dan Aune 5-7, Conner Gavin 5-40, Jesse Lachance 2-13, Nick Grabowski 9-68, Sam Hartzell 3-39, Greg Cole 15-140, Richard Jones 1-1, Mike Frazer 11-51; Housatonic – Forrest Hayden 1-1, Donyell Williams 13-89, Tanner Brissett 14-20, Will Perotti 1-13
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 4-6-0, 107; Conner Gavin 0-1-0; Housatonic – Brissett 3-6-1, 84
RECEIVING: Canton – Sam Hartzell 2-69, Richard Jones 2-38; Housatonic – Will Perotti 1-12, Zach Williams 2-72
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Richard Jones (C)
INTERCEPTION: Nick Grabowski (C) 1-16
RETURNS: Bryan McMorrow (C) 1-0 (kickoff); Grabowski (C) 1-20 (punt); Perotti (H) 3-19 (kickoffs), Ben Van Duyne (H) 2-0 (kickoff), Sam Carling (H) 1-0 (kickoff), Aaron Csehak (kickoffs) 2-1

Enfield 26, Canton 14
At Canton
Enfield (1-2)0  6  20   0 – 26
Canton (0-3)0  0    0 14 – 14
Second quarter
E: Travis McNulty 46 pass from Eric Germux (kick fails)
Third quarter
E: Safety: Jon Landry sacks QB in end zone
E: Andrew Buanno 40 pass from Germux (kick fails)
E: Germux 1 run (kick fails)
E: Buanno 75 pass from Germux (kick fails)
Fourth quarter
C: Mike Frazier 12 run (kick fails)
C: Conner Gavin 26 run (Tyler Plourd pass from Gavin)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Mike Frazier 16-108, Conner Gavin 2-40, Nick Quattro 3-5, Nick Grabowski 7-22, Peter Lewis 5-32
PASSING: Grabowski 1-6-0, 2; Gavin 0-2-1, 0; Quattro 1-1-0, 23
RECEIVING: Quattro 1-2, Tyler Plourd 1-23
No interceptions, sacks or fumble recoveries

Coventry/WT 27, Canton 7
At Coventry
Canton (0-2)0  0    0  7 – 7
Coventry (1-1)        0  7  13  7 – 27
Second quarter
Cov/WT: Justin Gillette 4 run (John Chevalier kick), 3:35
Third quarter
Cov/WT: Steve Trottier 11 run (Chevalier kick), 6:14
Cov/WT: Trottier 8 run (kick fails), 1:34
Fourth quarter
Can: Mike Frazer 2 run (Jeff Nasson kick), 8:31
Cov/WT: Justin Gillette 2 run (Chevalier kick), 3:58
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 15-34, Mike Frazer 19-85, Greg Cole 1-minus 2, Peter Lewis 1-0; Coventry/WT –  Justin Gillette 28-101, Mike Fahey 6-0, Nick Follansber 5-16, Steve Trottier 14-106, 32 1-minus 2
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 7-18-2, 71; Coventry/WT –  Fahey 4-6-0, 49
RECEIVING: Canton – Greg Cole 1-5, Tyler Plourd 3-54, Nick Quattro 2-16, Peter Lewis 1-minus 4; Coventry/WT – Trottier 3-46, Gillette 1-3
RETURNS: Canton – Sean Mullins (kickoff) 2-15, Plourd (kickoff) 2-25; Coventry/WT – Gillette (kickoff) 1-11, Trottier (kickoff) 1-8
INTERCEPTIONS: Coventry/WT – Gillette 1-0, Shane Wilson 1-0
SACKS: Nick Follansebee (Cov/WT) 2-5

Gilbert 12, Canton 7
At Canton
Gilbert/NWR (1-0)   0  6  0  6 -- 12
Canton (0-1) 0  0  0  7 - 7
Second quarter
G: Devin Morgan 13 run (kick blocked), 4:46
Fourth quarter
G: Bobby Lippincott 9 run (run fails), 11:53
C: Tyler Plourd 18 pass from Nick Grabowski (Jeff Nasson kick), 3:10
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 10-24, Mike Frazer 6-minus 3, Greg Cole 4-15, Sam Hartzell 2-11; Gilbert – Devin Morgan 18-87, Kyle Jones 9-22, Bobby Lippincott 12-13, Delany Morgan 13-50, Geoff Cersoli 1-6, Ryan Essepi 1-0
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 2-6-1, 39; Gilbert – Bobby Lippincott 4-12-1, 49
RECEIVING: Canton – Tyler Plourd 2-39; Gilbert – Kyle Jones 1-8, Ross Lopardo 1-20, Casey Ramthun 1-14, Delany Morgan 1-5
RETURNS: Canton – Plourd 2-7 (punt), 2-28 (kickoff); Nick Quattro 1-27 (punt); Gilbert -- Drew McCarthy 1-0 (punt), Sean Fitzgerald 1-0 (kickoff)
INTERCEPTIONS: Nick Quattro (C) 1-35; Ryan Essepi (G) 1-0
SACKS: Nate Scott (C) 2-13, Thomas Cruz (C) 1-2; Zach Gain (G) 1-7, Kyle Jones (G) 1-5
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Thomas Cruz (C) 1, Bobby Lippincott (G), Josh Penn (G)
PENALTIES: Canton 2-25, Gilbert 8-47
Previous seasons

Boys Basketball
Site established Sept. 2006
2009 Canton High football 
Sat. Sept. 19: Gilbert/NW Regional 12, Canton 7
Sat. Sept. 26: Coventry/Windham Tech 27, Canton 7
Sat. Oct. 3: Enfield 26, Canton 14
Sat. Oct. 10: Canton def. Nonnewaug, forfeit
Sat. Oct. 17: Canton 54, Housatonic/Wamogo 23
Sat. Oct. 24: Canton 36, Windsor Locks/Suffield 14
Sat. Oct. 31: Canton 21, Ellington/Somers 8
Sat. Nov. 7: Canton 19, Stafford/East Windsor 18
Sun. Nov. 15:Canton 34, Wolcott Tech 7
Sat. Nov. 21: Avon 47, Canton 20
Home games at Canton High School
2009 record
Overall: 6-4
Pequot Uncas: 5-3

2008 Canton football highlights
Six Canton players named All-Pequot 
CANTON, Dec. 14 – Six Canton High players earned All-Pequot Conference honors in balloting by the league coaches. Senior WR Tyler Plourd and senior running back Mike Frazer were named to the All-Pequot team on the offensive side of the ball.

Defensively, junior defensive back and QB Nick Grabowski, junior defensive lineman Tomas Cruz, senior defensive back Rich Jones and junior linebacker Nate Scott were named to the All-Pequot squad. Cole Murphy earned honorable mention honors.

Avon beats Canton to win 10th straight game
AVON, Nov. 21 – For just the second time in its 50-year history, the Avon High football team finished the regular season undefeated. The Falcons finished 10-0 after Saturday’s 47-20 win over Canton. Avon’s Ross McDonald ran for a game-high 275 yards and 3 TDs on 23 carries while receiver Vince Savarese pulled down five passes for 115 yards and 3 TDs. 

The Warriors, who finished with a winning season for the first time since 1958, received touchdowns from Mike Fraser, Nick Grabowski and Rich Jones, who scored on a 56-yard pass from Grabowski in the last minute of the game.

The Warriors began the season by losing their first three games but won six of their final seven. “They stuck with it,” a proud Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “We made tremendous strides, tremendous strides. Now, we’re going to go forward and get better.”

Pearl said the difference this year was the team’s dedication and work ethics. “They refused to quit,” he said. “We played right up to the last minute.” There were 17 seniors on this year’s team. Most began with the team as freshmen four years ago. In the past two seasons, they won just two of 24 games. “They were the building blocks of this program,” Pearl said with pride.

Game time moved to 12:30 p.m.The start time for Saturday’s game with Avon has been moved up 12:30 p.m. That will give Avon football fans time to see the Avon High girls soccer team play for the Class L championship on Saturday at 3 p.m. at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury.
Canton clinches first winning season since 1958 by topping Tech
TORRINGTON, Nov. 15 – It was muddy and the running was difficult. But Canton was able to roll past Wolcott Tech with a 34-7 victory to clinch its first winning season since being reinstated as a varsity program in 2007 and its first winning campaign since 1958. Canton won its fifth straight game to improve to 6-3 with one game left with Uncas Division champion Avon Saturday on the road. The win moved Canton into a four-way tie for second place in the Uncas Division with a 5-2 record. 
Canton had 586 yards of total offense. Tyler Plourd caught two TD passes from QB Nick Grabowski while Mike Frazer ran for two touchdowns. “We played very well on a wet, muddy field,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. "We played well as a team. Every week, it is something different and someone steps up."
Canton tied a school record for most wins in a season with six. Canton went 6-0 in 1945 and 1942. Through the 1960s, it was normal to play about six to seven games a season. Canton's first varsity football team played from 1934 to 1964.
Friends of Football YouTube channel. Watch the game for yourself
Game with Wolcott Tech on Sunday
TORRINGTON, Nov. 14 -- Canton's game at Wolcott Tech was postponed to Sunday at 1 p.m. due to the rain on Saturday.
Canton makes the plays to finally beat Stafford, 19-18
CANTON, Nov. 7 – In Canton’s first two seasons back as a varsity program, the Warriors suffered a pair of agonizing defeats to Stafford/East Windsor. In 2007 in the Canton’s first varsity game in 43 years, Stafford scored with 16 seconds left to break a tie and earn a six-point victory. A year ago, Stafford scored a TD with 1:08 left in the game and kicked the extra point for one-point victory.
Saturday in front of a standing-room only crowd on Senior Day, the Warriors refused to yield. Greg Cole ran for two touchdowns and the Warriors converted on a key fourth-and-one situation at midfield with 1:10 left in the game to keep the ball and lift Canton to its fifth straight victory, 19-18.
“We played with a lot of heart today,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “These are tough, tough kids. They never gave up.” Canton made plenty of mistakes and turned the ball over four times, three times on fumbles. But they Warriors hung in there. They led 13-6 at halftime on a pair of touchdowns from Cole (16-83). Stafford cut the lead to one, 13-12 on a touchdown pass from Ian Learned in the third quarter but the Bulldogs missed the two-point conversion for the second time.
Canton (5-3, 4-2 Pequot Uncas) took the lead in the fourth quarter on a two-yard run by Mike Frazer (23-110 rushing) but the lead was just seven, 19-12 after a missed extra point. Stafford tied the game with about six minutes remaining On Learned’s third TD pass of the game but the extra point try was wide to the left and the Bulldogs trailed by one, 19-18 with 6:18 remaining.
Stafford got the ball back with about 3:30 remaining. But Learned threw a pair of incompletions and Rich Jones made a big stop on third down to stop the Bulldogs. Canton took over with 1:53 remaining in the game near midfield. The pivotal play was a fourth-and-one near midfield with about a minute left. QB Nick Grabowski’s plunge up the middle got the first down and Canton was able to run out the clock. “It was ugly but it was satisfying,” Pearl said.
Canton shuts down Ellington for 4th straight victory
ELLINGTON, Oct. 31 – For the first time since football was reinstated as a varsity sport at Canton, the Warriors have defeated a team with a winning record. Canton won its fourth straight game on Saturday with a hard-fought 22-8 victory over Ellington/Somers in windy conditions. The Purple Knights came into the game after winning four of its first five contests.
“They played with 100 percent heart,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “Our defense was all over the field. Everyone stepped up to a whole new level. This was an unbelievable game. That was a good football team. They were ranked No. 1 in our division but we were physical.”
Canton (4-3, 3-2 Pequot Uncas) began its win streak with a forfeit victory over Nonnewaug and followed that up with solid wins over Housatonic with a school-record 54 points and Windsor Locks/Suffield. Canton’s last four-game winning streak came at the end of the 1958 campaign – the last time the Warriors were over .500.
Greg Cole got the game off to a good start for Canton with an 80-yard interception return for a touchdown for a 6-0 lead. Due to the heavy winds in Ellington, the Warriors tried for two points but the run failed. Canton made it 13-0 in the second quarter on a 12-yard run by Mike Frazer (12-58) and an extra point from Jeff Nasson.
Ellington cut the lead to five near the close of the second quarter after a 78-yard run from Nate Tembi and a successful two-point conversion pass. But that was all the scoring that Ellington (4-2, 4-1 Pequot Uncas) could muster. The Warriors also recovered a fumble and Sean Mullins had a sack. Nate Martino blocked a Knight punt in the third quarter. Tembi was held to 111 yards on 10 carries.
“It was a big team win,” Pearl said. “We all had to play our best game to beat those guys.” Canton extended its lead on a fine 72-yard touchdown run from QB Nick Grabowski, who led the Warriors with 113 yards on 12 carries. Tyler Plourd and Tomas Cruz each had key blocks in the big run.
NOTES: Cole’s interception return was the second longest in school history while Grabowski’s long TD run was the third longest. The record for longest interception return is 95 yards set by Ron Gavalis against Simsbury in 1955.
Canton football photos
Go for the latest in Canton football photos from team photographer Rene N. Dubois
Frazer scores 4 TDs in historic performance
WINDSOR LOCKS, Oct. 24 – Senior running back Mike Frazer scored a career-high four TDs and made some history in leading Canton (3-3, 2-2 Pequot Uncas) to their second straight victory in a 36-14 decision over Windsor Locks/Suffield. Frazier scored on runs of 2, 10 and 1 yard and also scored on a 65-yard fumble recovery.
His fumble recovery for a TD is the first in the history of the football program (1934-64 and 2007 to present). Frazer also tied a school record by scoring 26 points in the game. Along with his four TDs, he had a successful two-point conversion. Frazer (13-79 rushing) shares the single-game scoring record with Tom Calabrese, who had 26 points against Farmington in 1958.
Sam Hartzell scored a TD for the Warriors and rushed for 59 yards on seven carries. It’s the first back-to-back victories for Canton since 1958 when they finished the season with four straight wins.
Satisfying victory for Canton over Housatonic 
CANTON, Oct. 17 – This was the third victory achieved by the Warriors in the last week but it was definitely the most satisfying. Canton picked up its first official victory of the year a week ago with a forfeit victory over Nonnewaug, which dropped its varsity program due to lack of players. Instead of taking a week off, the Warriors played Granby’s junior varsity program and dominated in a 43-22 scrimmage victory.
On Saturday, the Warriors (2-3, 1-2 Pequot Uncas) picked up their first victory on the gridiron with a 54-23 victory over Housatonic/Wamogo. Nick Grabowski ran for three TDs and 68 yards on nine carries and threw a pair of touchdown passes to Sam Hartzell as Canton set a new school record for most points scored in a single game. Greg Cole ran for a career-high 140 yards and a TD on 15 carries.
“The sleeping dog just woke up,” a soggy but jubilant head coach Roger Pearl said referring to the Warrior offense. His players doused him with a Gatorade jug of water in the waning seconds of the contest. “We played well today. Our offense work up and was hitting on all cylinders. The offensive line did a great job.”
The Canton defense had its moments as well. Grabowski had an interception and Cole recovered a fumble. Mike Frazier recovered a fumbled kickoff in the first quarter. 
NOTES: The old school record for most points was 46 set in 1935 when the Warriors shutout Litchfield Junior Republic, 46-0. … Canton scored 33 points in the second quarter. On the final play of the quarter, Hartzell caught a long pass from Grabowski about the 15 yard line, eluded two tacklers and bulled his way over the goal line as time expired. It was a 45-yard touchdown scoring play.  ... Housatonic (1-3, 1-2 Pequot Uncas) runs the single wing offense, which is a very run-oriented offense. Yet the Mountaineers led 16-8 at one point by completing three of its first four passes for 84 yards. Completions of 12 and 13 yards kept the Mountaineers' first scoring drive alive. ... It was Canton's first win over Housatonic since 1958.
Enfield earns first victory
CANTON, Oct. 3 -- Enfield scored 26 unanswered points to beat the Warriors and earn their first win of the season. Enfield QB Eric Gernux completed 13 of 18 passes for 247 yards and 3 TDs and ran for a touchdown. Receiver Andrew Buanno caught a pair of TD passes (40, 75) for the Raiders. Mike Frazier led Canton (0-3) with 108 yards rushing and 1 TD.
Patriots control the game in win over CHS
COVENTRY, Sept. 26 -- Coventry/Windham Tech converted on 7 of 9 opportunities on fourth down to win its first game with a 27-7 victory over the Warriors. The Patriots held the ball for 10:10 in the third quarter, ran 21 plays, gained 108 yards and scored 2 TDs to extend a seven-point lead to 20 points. Justin Gillette (28-101) and Steve Trottier (14-106) each scored 2 TDs for Coventry.
Canton Football Online, Sept. 26: Coventry keeps the ball away from the Warrior offense in victory
Canton picks up forfeit win as Nonnewaug drops varsity football program
WOODBURY, Sept. 22 –Canton High picked up its first victory of the season on Tuesday but it was a hollow one. Nonnewaug dropped its varsity football program immediately Tuesday citing a low number of students (22) and fearing for the safety of the players, the Waterbury Republican American reported. The Chiefs played just one game, a 53-7 loss to North Branford.
Instead of a home game on Saturday, Oct. 10, the Warriors will pick up a forfeit victory and sit home idle. “Realistically, we are not prepared physically to compete against varsity competition,” Nonnewaug principal Lori Ferreira said in a letter to team parents. The Chiefs will continue to field a junior varsity program. This was Nonnewaug’s first full year in the Pequot Conference, playing in the Sassacus Division.
Pequot Conference 2009, Sept. 22: Nonnewaug drops varsity football immediately
Crucial mistakes handcuff Warriors in opening game defeat
CANTON, Sept. 19 – Finally home after a long journey that began in 1964, the Warriors hosted their first home game on campus in 45 years. But two costly fumbles helped stymie the Canton offense in a 12-7 Pequot Conference loss to Gilbert/Northwestern before hundreds of fans at its new field at the high school.
The Warriors coughed up the ball on the Gilbert 20-yard line early in the second quarter and did it again on the Gilbert 4-yard line with 6:47 left in the game. “We made some crucial mistakes at crucial times,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “You have to be on the field to score. Our defense was on the field for the whole game.”
Canton had just 26 yards of offense and one first down in the first half. Still, Gilbert only had a lead of 6-0 at halftime and extended it to 12-0 early in the fourth quarter. Canton cut the lead to five when QB Nick Grabowski found Tyler Plourd for an 18-yard touchdown pass with 3:10 remaining in the game. Jeff Nasson kicked the extra point. Canton got the ball back with 1:38 left but an interception sealed the win for Gilbert.
Canton Football Online, Sept. 19: Despite campus buzz, mistakes hurt Canton’s chances for win
Canton hosts Gilbert in season opener in return to campus on Saturday
CANTON, Sept. 17 – The Warriors are making their final preparations for Saturday’s season opening game against Gilbert at 2:30 p.m. It is the first home game on campus in 45 years and the team will honor former varsity players at halftime. 
The Yellowjackets (5-6), who coughed up the ball six times last November in a 38-14 loss to Canton, will be led by 6-foot-3, 198-pound junior Bobby Lippincott, an All-Pequot selection. “Last year we gave Bobby some time off on the offensive side of the ball so we could maximize his effect on defense,” Gilbert coach Scott Salius told The Register Citizen. “This year he will be our No. 1 quarterback, so we will be using him less at linebacker in order to keep him fresh.”
The Register Citizen, Aug. 22: Lippincott ready for the season
Opening Day milestones
Record: 14-16
Biggest win: 1947, Canton 37, Torrington JVs 0
Last win: 1958, Canton 18, Gilbert 6
Biggest loss: 1953, Gilbert 58, Canton 0
2009 preview
Canton knows that respect must be earned 
CANTON, Sept. 14 – Canton High coach Roger Pearl and the players on the Warrior football team come into the 2009 campaign with a chip on their shoulder. They’re tired of the lack of respect for the program, now entering its third varsity campaign.
But they know there is just one way to earn that respect – on the field with some victories. “No excuses,” Pearl said. “We’re not a first-year team or a second-year team. We’re here now.”
Canton has won just two games in two seasons but optimism is high with some experienced players returning for the Warriors including four All-Pequot Conference performers. Junior QB Nick Grabowski completed 62 of 138 passes for 849 yards and 3 TDs a year ago and was the second leading rusher on the team with 438 yards and 4 TDs on 103 carries. He earned All-League honors at safety.
Senior RB Mike Frazer rushed for a team-high 680 yards and a team-high 7 TDs. He returns stronger and faster. Top receiver, junior Tyler Plourd returns after pulling in a school-record 37 receptions for 443 yards and one TD. He led the team with four interceptions. Linebacker Nate Scott (4 sacks) also returns to anchor the defense.
“We’re looking to get better every day,” Pearl said. “We want to be better than we were last year. We’re a physical team and we’re big up front.”
In scrimmages this fall, Canton dominated Wolcott Tech, did well against St. Paul/Goodwin Tech and was soundly beaten by Rocky Hill. While Canton has some experienced players at the skill positions, the offensive line needs to gel.
Outside of games against Coventry/Windham Tech in week 2, Enfield in week 3 and against Avon in the season finale, Canton is playing the smaller schools in the Pequot Conference and should be competitive in virtually every contest. Canton opens the season at the high school against Gilbert/Northwestern at 2:30 p.m.
Canton 2009 preview capsule
Canton to recognize football alumni at 
season opening game
CANTON, Sept. 13  – Playing its first game on campus in 45 years in the season-opening game against Gilbert/Northwestern on Saturday, Canton High’s football program will honor players from previous CHS football squads at halftime. Players from Canton’s previous teams (1934-64, 2007-08) are invited to attend and be recognized.
Canton opens its season on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. when they host Gilbert School at the new football field at the high school. The start time is later so residents can enjoy Sam Collins Day festivities.
In 2007, the Warriors played all of their games on the road. A year ago, they played home games at the Mills Pond Recreation Complex. The last home game on campus came in 1964 when Canton hosted Avon at what is currently the Canton Intermediate School on Dyer Avenue. CIS was the high school from 1934-69.
Janet Grabowski services Sunday
CANTON, Sept. 13 – It’s been a difficult week for the Canton High football program. Janet Grabowski died unexpectedly last week. Her husband, Karl, is president of Friends of Canton Football and has been a driving force behind the reinstatement of football at the school. Her son, Nick, is a quarterback on the team. Janet was a teacher in the Plainville school system. Calling hours are Sunday, Sept. 13 from 5-8 p.m. at Vincent Funeral Home with funeral services on Monday, Sept. 14. 
n Click here for the full obituary and a link to leave an online condolence. 
Work completed on field at the high school
CANTON, Sept. 6 – Home sweet home. For the first time since the 1950s, the Warriors will play football in the shadow of their own building. Friends of Canton Football completed work this summer on a football field on the west side of the high school. Work to add 16 feet to the field was completed and two new goal posts have been installed. 
Friends of Canton Football also obtained a sharp, looking 18 foot wide, 8 foot high scoreboard for the field. Two utility poles will be used to hold up the 800-pound scoreboard that was originally made for Dartmouth College in the 1990s. Friends of Canton Football member Jim Garrity found it on eBay and the group was the successful bidder with a bid of $150.
The first Canton High football field was at the Canton Intermediate School on the playground when that building was being used as the high school from 1934-69. When Canton fielded a varsity team for the first time in over 40 years in 2007, they played all 10 games on the road. Last year, Canton hosted games at Mills Pond Recreation Park. Canton opens the season at home hosting Gilbert/Northwestern on Sat. Sept. 19.
Talbot named Scholar Athlete by local chapter
CANTON, May 10 -- For the first time, a Canton football played will be honored by the Northern Connecticut chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame. Luke Talbot, who has an A average, will be honored as a scholar-athlete. He rushed for 322 yards and four touchdowns on 72 carries last fall for the Warriors (2-8). He also caught nine passes for 108 yards and a touchdown. The chapter dinner began in 1962.
No spring football for Canton
Given the choice by the CIAC of a traditional week of spring football or the addition of four days of practice in August, the Warriors will prepare for the 2009 season in August.
Canton '09 preview capsule
Coach: Roger Pearl, 2nd year (2-9)
Last year: 2-9, 2-6 Pequot Uncas
Key losses: Nine seniors, including RB Luke Talbot (72-322, 4 TDs rushing), T Ethan Belvander, TE Nate Haller and Justin Prosser (5-64 rec).
Jr. DE/RB Nate Getler is out with knee injury suffered in wrestling
Top players: Seniors -- RB Mike Fraser (143-680, 7 TDs), C Kyle Bento, G Colin Glasson (6-4, 280), RB/LB Greg Cole, DT Sean Hutton, TE Rich Jones, G/DT Nick Martino, OL/DL Sean Mullins; Juniors -- QB Nick Grabowski (62-138, 849 yards, 3 TDs, 10 ints), WR Tyler Plourd (37-443, 1 TD receiving), DT Thomas Kruse (6-4, 250), LB Nate Scott, OL Dylan Smith; WR Nick Quattro
Outlook: No excuses is the word coming out of Canton this year. Thirty players return with experience including four All-Pequot Conference players – Grabowski, Plourd, Fraser and Scott. The Warriors have experience at skill positions but may need some time to solidify the offensive line, which is big and strong. Fraser returned faster and stronger and Canton hopes to take control of contests with its running game. Canton looks to be competitive with each team on the schedule this year.
Noteable: Canton will host home games on campus for the first time in 45 years at the high school … A sign of growth in the program is interest in its players. Grabowski has received letters of interest from Wisconsin and Syracuse while Fraser has received many letters, primarily from Division I-AA schools such as UMass and Bryant. … Football alumni day is opening day and any Canton High alumni that played for the Warriors will be recognized at halftime. … The Warriors will recognize the Canton Midget Football program during its home game against Nonnewaug in October.

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Top, Canton seniors pose with the Warrior coaching staff minutes after their final scholastic game came to an end. Above, Mike Fraser (40) scored his 11th TD of the year against Avon.