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This page was last updated: August 11, 2017
Canton High School
Canton, Connecticut

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2010 Pequot Conference standings, news, results

2010 individual leaders
FINAL (10 games)
RUSHING    Att-Yds  TDs 
Grabowski   133-826     4
Mullins            64-516     2
Hartzell           68-404     3
Grillo               33-127
Scott                 28-95      2
Quattro               8-40
LaChance         9-32
C. Gavin              2-6  

PASSING     C-Att-Int    Yds  TDs
Grabowski      34-86-4   435  4
C. Gavin             5-13-3   153  1
Scott                    2-5-0     48    0
Hartzell                0-1-0       0

Quattro             31-497    5
Scott                    8-133    1
C. Gavin              2-7

POINTS (all games)
                   TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Quattro       0-5                    30
Scott           2-1    6              27**
Grabowski 4-0             1    26
Hartzell      3-0                    24*
Mullins       2-0                    12
*Kickoff return for TD
**Kicked 24 FG

FIELD GOALS:  Scott 1 (24)
PATS:  Scott 9-14

Return yardage: Quattro 16-241 (kickoff), 5-62 (punts); Hartzell 9-131 (kickoff), Kyle Mullin (kickoff) 2-18, Zach Powell (kickoff) 1-5; Gavin 7-83 (kickoff), DeMarco (KO) 1-5
Stafford not included

Punting: Scott 11-397 (3 games) Stafford, WL not included

Interceptions (5): Nick Quattro 3-35, Corey Gavin, Rob Grillo 1-25
Fumble recovery (9): Tomas Cruz, Nate Scott 3, Quattro, C. Gavin, Grabowski, Erick Latvis, Josiah Durbois
Sacks (10): Nate Scott 4, Tomas Cruz 2.5,  Kevin Szydlo, Robby Grillo, Kyle Mullins 1, Ryan Glynn 0.5, Aras Banevicius 0.5, Erick Latvis 0.5
Blocked punt (0)
Blocked PAT (3): Chad Huff, Nick Quattro, Nate Scott

Ellington/Somers 24, CHS 6
At Canton
Ellington (5-4)7  7  0  10 -- 24
Canton (3-7)   6  0  0     0  -- 6
First quarter
E: Mitch Diresta 54 run (Justin Vamvillis kick), 9:01
C: Nick Grabowski 1 run (kick failed), 0:15
Second quarter
E: Matt Janiga 11 run (Vamvillis kick), 6:55
Fourth quarter
E: Vamvillis 20 FG, 11:43
E: Janiga 35 interception return, 2:16
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Nick Grabowski 18-103, Kyle Mullins 10-62, Rob Grillo 1-1, Nate Scott 1-1, Jesse LaChance 2-6
PASSING: Canton -- Nick Grabowski 7-21-2, 74; Eric Scott 2-5-0, 48
RECEIVING: Canton -- Nick Quattro 7-91, Eric Scott 2-31
SACKS: Nate Scott (C) 2
Interceptions: Quattro (C) 1
Fumble recovery: Nate Scott (C) 1, Erick Latvis (C) 1, Josiah Durbois (C) 1
RETURNS: Quattro (kickoff) 1-37; Quattro (punt) 1-15

Gilbert/NWR 44, Canton 14
At Winsted
Canton (3-6)6    0  0  8  -- 14
Gilbert (6-2)7  10 7  20 – 44
First quarter
G: Devon Molway 85 run (John Ambrozaitis kick), 1:07
C: Nick Quattro 42 pass from Nick Grabowski (kick failed), 0:12
Second quarter
G: Ambrozaitis 33 FG, 8:14
G: Drew McCarthy 37 pass from Bobby Lippincott (Ambrozaitis kick), 3:43
Third quarter
G: Jon Marshall 4 pass from Lippincott (Ambrozaitis kick), 1:03
Fourth quarter
C: Quattro 26 pass from Grabowski (Grabowski run), 11:09
G: Sean Fitzgerald 30 pass from Lippincott (kick failed), 8:18
G: Fitzgerald 34 pass from McCarthy (Ambrozaitis kick), 5:20
G: Charlie Shay 1 run (Ambrozaitis kick), 4:40
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Grabowski 15-50, Kyle Mullins 10-56, Robby Grillo 4-9
PASSING: Canton – Grabowski 10-22-2, 158
RECEIVING: Canton – Nick Quattro 10-158
RETURNS: Canton – Gavin 5-67 (kickoff), Quattro 1-19 (kickoff), DeMarco 1-5 (kickoff)
SACKS: Canton – Mullins 1, Ryan Glynn 0.5, Erick Latvis 0.5, Tomas Cruz 0.5, Aras Banevicius 0.5

Canton 24, Granby 6
At Canton
Granby (0-7)0    0  0  6 -- 6
Canton (3-5)7  14  0  3 – 24
First quarter
C: Nate Scott 2 run (Scott kick), 6:33
Second quarter
C: Scott 13 pass from Nate Grabowski (Scott kick), 4:04
C: Grabowski 16 run (Scott kick), 1:35
Fourth quarter
C: Scott 24 FG, 7:44
G: David Hollum 52 pass from Curtis Field (run fails), 2:50
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Conner Gavin 2-minus 5, Kyle Mullins 10-33, Jesse Lachance 5-12, Nick Grabowski 19-159, Nate Scott 4-8, Robby Grillo 2-2; Granby – Curtis Field 6-minus 30, James Utso 6-17, William Bergmann 4-9, Christopher Brown 7-17, Michael Stone 4-11, David Hollum 1-1
PASSING: Canton – Grabowski 5-5-0, 119; Granby – Field 6-13-2, 124
RECEIVING: Canton – Scott 3-59, Conner Gavin 1-30, Zach Powell 1-30; Granby – Brant Battison 1-5, Samuel Torkelson 2-19, Zach Balboni 1-21, Ryan Bergmann 1-27, David Hollum 1-52
SACKS: Tomas Cruz (Canton) 1.5-15, Aras Banevicius (Canton) 0.5-9
INTERCEPTIONS: Connor Gavin (C) 1-2, Jake Wood 1-25
RETURNS: Grabowski (C) 1-2 punt

Canton 20, Windsor Locks 18
At Windsor Locks
Windsor Locks6  6  0  6 – 18
Canton (2-5)            0  7  6  7 – 20
First quarter
WL: Trystan Cauley 5 run (kick blocked), 10:52
Second quarter
C: Nathan Scott 1 run (Scott kick ), 5:57
WL: Anthony Liquori 5 run (run failed), 0:11
Third quarter
C: Nick Quattro 22 pass from Nick Grabowski (kick failed), 5:58
Fourth quarter
C: Grabowski 3 run (Scott kick), 6:25
WL: Cauley 2 run (run failed), 0:14
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Grillo 4-31, Mullins 4-20, LaChance 7-26, Quattro 2-18, Scott 7-39, Grabowski 13-110
PASSING: Canton -- Gavin 3-4-0, 73; Grabowski 1-3-0, 22
RECEIVING: Canton -- Quattro 3-60, Scott 1-35
Return yardage: Quattro (kickoff) 1-17; Gavin 1-20 (kickoff)
PAT: Scott 2-of-3
SACKS: Szydlo 1, Grillo 1, Scott 1
Fumble rec: Gavin 1, Grabowski 1, Quattro 1; Interceptions: Quattro 1
Blocked PAT: Scott 1

Avon 47, Canton 12
At Simsbury
Avon (5-1)13  13  14  7 – 47
Canton (1-5)         0    6    0  6 – 12
First quarter
A: Ross McDonald 52 run (kick failed), 9:01
A: Tyler D’Onofrio 16 pass from Colin Pavano (Kevin Deming kick), 6:14
Second quarter
A: McDonald 22 run (kick wide), 9:29
C: Nick Grabowski 7 run (kick wide), 5:07
A: McDonald 69 run (Deming kick), 4:03
Third quarter
A: McDonald 12 run (Deming kick), 10:44
A: McDonald 41 run (Deming kick), 8:30
Fourth quarter
A: Kyle Brady 43 run (Deming kick), 9:17
C: Nick Quattro 20 pass from Grabowski (no conversion attempted), 0:29
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Ross McDonald 11-244, Kyle Brady 3-50, Colin Moore 4-44, Colin Pavano 6-31; Canton – Nick Grabowski 25-124, Nick Quattro 5-16, Nate Scott 6-15, Rob Grillo 1-2, Kyle Mullins 3-7
PASSING: Avon – Colin Pavano 3-6-1, 31; Canton – Grabowski 6-13-3, 65
RECEIVING: Avon – Tyler D’Onofrio 3-31; Canton – Quattro 4-51, Scott 1-14, Conner Gavin 1-1
INTERCEPTIONS: Colin Moore (A) 1-0, Ryan Jordan (A) 1-0, Tyler D’Onofrio 1-0; Rob Grillo (C) 1-25; FUMBLE REC: Joseph Murphy (A) 1-0
Penalties: Avon 8-100, Canton 3-25
RETURN YARDS: Kickoffs -- Quatto (C) 6-72; Conner Gavin (C) 1-2; Ross McDonald (A) 1-63; Kyle Brady (A) 1-11; Punts – Tyler D’Onofrio (A) 1-25

Canton 20, Stafford/EW 14
At Stafford
Canton (1-4) 7  6  7  0 – 20
Stafford (0-5)6  8  0  0 – 14
First quarter
C: Kyle Mullins 6 run (Nate Scott kick)
S: Jaisean Bowens 6 run (kick failed)
Second quarter
C: K. Mullins 17 run (kick failed)
S: Tom Artuc 9 run (Zach Rollins run)
Third quarter
C: Sam Hartzell 80 kickoff return (Scott kick), 11:45
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Sam Hartzell 15-65, Kyle Mullins 9-75, Nick Grabowski 11-70, Rob Grillo 1-4, Nate Scott 6-26
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 1-1-0, 18
RECEIVING: Canton – Nate Scott 1-18
Fumble recovery: Quattro, Scott
Returns: Quattro (KO) 2-35, Hartzell (KO) 80
Sack: Cruz; Interception: Corey Gavin

Enfield 47, Canton 13
At Enfield
Canton (0-4)  7    0  6  0 -- 13
Enfield (4-0)21  28  0  0 – 47
First quarter
E: Andrew Buanno 1 run (Hugh Lindo kick) 
E: Buanno 59 run (Lindo kick) 
E: Buanno 26 run (Lindo kick) 
C: Sam Hartzell 74 run (Nate Scott kick) 
Second quarter 
E: Kevin Merker 2 run (Lindo kick) 
E: Merker 31 pass from Eric Gernux (Lindo kick) 
E: Lindo 22 pass from Gernux (kick failed) 
E: Adrian Crichton 27 interception return (kick failed) 
Third quarter
C: Hartzell 20 run (kick failed)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Nick Quattro 1-6, Sam Hartzell 19-168, Conner Gavin 2-6, Kyle Mullins 5-54, Robby Grillo 9-33; Enfield -- Andrew Buanno 11-155
PASSING: Canton -- Conner Gavin 0-6-3, 0 yards
RECEIVING: Canton -- none
RETURNS: Hartzell (KO) 5-68, Quattro (KO) 3-50
PUNTING: Scott (C) 2-80
SACKS: Cruz 1

Coventry/Windham Tech 35, Canton 0
At Canton
Coventry/WT (2-1)     7  7  14  7 -- 35
Canton (0-3)    0  0    0  0  -- 0
First quarter
CWT: Alex Amarante 5 run (Aaron Mallory kick), 8:09
Second quarter
CWT: Devin Kjellquist 55 run (Mallory kick), 7:21
Third quarter
CWT: Nicholas Follansbee 63 pass from Joshua DeJesus (Mallory kick), 10:12
CWT: Joshua Sparven 44 punt return (Mallory kick), 1:23
Fourth quarter
CWT: Kjellquist 2 run (Mallory kick), 10:34
Individual statisics
RUSHING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 11-44, Sam Hartzell 13-57, Nate Scott 3-4, Robert Grillo 2-4, Kyle Mullins 1-3
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 5-12-1, 43
RECEIVING: Canton – Nick Quattro 4-38, Nate Scott 1-5
Interceptions: Quattro 1-35
Fumble Rec: Scott
Punting: Nate Scott 5-190
Returns: Hartzell 3-47 (KO), Quattro 1-22 (KO)

Housatonic/Wamogo 38, Canton 19
At Falls Village
Canton (0-2)12 7   0 0 — 19
Housy/Wam (2-0)     7 6 19 6 — 38
First quarter
C: Nick Grabowski 60 run (run fails)
H: Jake Sutterland 2 run (kick failed)
C: Sam Hartzell 4 run (run fails)
Second quarter
H: Sutterland 1 run (kick failed)
C: Nick Quattro 70 pass from Conor Gavin (Nate Scott kick), 0:22
Third quarter
H: Sutterland 3 run (Forrest Hayden kick)
H: Donyell Williams 27 run (run failed)
H: Sutterland 8 run (kick failed)
Fourth quarter
H: Williams 4 run (kick failed), 8:32
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Housatonic -- Tanner Brissett 30-264 yards, Williams 15-100; Sutterland 7-27; Chris Jacquier 7-47; Will Perrotti 3-15. Rick Johnson 3-21; Canton -- Kyle Mullins 7-77, Nick Grabowski 3-57, Sam Hartzell 10-40, Robby Grillo 4-18, Nate Scott 2-7
PASSING: Housatonic -- Brissett 2-3-17-1.; Canton -- Nick Grabowski 3-9-0, 49; Conner Gavin 2-3-0, 80
RECEIVING: Housatonic -- Perrotti 1-16, Williams 1-1; Canton -- Nick Quattro 3-99, Nate Scott 2-30
RETURNS: Kyle Mullin (KO) 2-18, Nick Quattro (KO) 1-10, Zach Powell (KO) 1-5
SACKS: Nate Scott 1
FUMBLE REC: Tomas Cruz 1
Blocked PAT: Quattro
Interception: Quattro 1-0

OSW 28, Canton 12
At Canton
OSW (1-0)15  0  6  7  -- 28
Canton (0-1)0  6 0  6  -- 12
First quarter
OSW: Dane Pallotto 1 run (Pallotto run), 5:32
OSW: Jeff Wheeler 16 pass from John McElhome (Max Nielson kick), 1:00
Second quarter
C: Nate Scott 1 run (pass fails), 0:32
Third quarter
OSW: Palloto 5 run (kick blocked), 4:21
Fourth quarter
OSW: Palloto 40 run (Nielson kick), 4:41
C: Scott 1 run (run fails), 0:59
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Nate Scott 3-3, Nick Grabowski 18-109, Sam Hartzell 11-74, Kyle Mullins 5-29, Robby Grillo 7-25; Old Saybrook/Westbrook – Dane Pallotto 18-138, Harlan Toussaint 12-47, Cody Forrest 5-5
PASSING: Canton – Nick Grabowski 1-7-1, 6; Sam Hartzell 0-1-0, Old Saybrook/Westbrook – John McElhome 6-11-0, 96
RECEIVING: Canton – Tim Gavin 1-6; Old Saybrook/Westbrook – Harlan Toussaint 2-15, Ken Dower, Jr. 1-19, Jeff Wheeler 1-16, Alvin Lobo 2-56
RETURNS: Hartzell (C) 1-16 (kickoff); Nick Quattro 2-34 (kickoff), 2-47 (punts); Pallotto (OSW) 2-17 (kickoff), 2-32 (punts)
INTERCEPTIONS: Max Nielson (OSW) 1-10
PUNTS: Scott (C) 4-127
SACKS: Mike Sweeney (OSW) 1-12, Nick Long (OSW) 1-5
BLOCKED KICKS: Chad Huff (C) 1
MISSED FG: Nielson 46
Penalties: Canton 8-55, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 3-32
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Site established Sept. 2006
2010 Canton High football 
Thurs. Sept. 16: Old Saybrook/Westbrook 28, Canton 12
Fri. Sept. 24:    Housatonic/Wamogo 38, Canton 19
Sat. Oct. 2       Coventry/Windham Tech 35, Canton 0
Fri. Oct. 8:       Enfield 47, Canton 13
Fri. Oct. 15:     Canton 20, Stafford/East Windsor 14
Sat. Oct. 23:    Avon 47, Canton 12
Mon. Nov. 1:    Canton 20, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG 18
Sat. Nov. 6:     Canton 24, Granby 6
Sat. Nov. 13:   Gilbert/Northwestern 44, Canton 14
Sat. Nov. 20:   Ellington/Somers 24, Canton 6
Home games at Canton High School                                          
2010 record
Overall: 3-7
Pequot Uncas: 3-6

2008-09 CHS football highlights
Scott is first player to earn All-State honors 
CANTON, Dec. 28 -- The Canton High football team continues to make history. Senior linebacker Nate Scott became the first Canton player to ever earn All-State honors in football when he was selected as linebacker on the Class S team by the Connecticut High School Coaches Association (CHSCA).

Scott, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound linebacker, hardly ever left the field for the Warriors. Defensively, he was a starting linebacker with plenty of big hits, a team-leading four sacks, two blocked extra points in a two-point win over Windsor Locks and three fumble recoveries.

He was the team’s punter and kicker. He was 9-of-14 on extra points and was just the second Canton player in school history to hit a field goal with a 24-yard field goal in a game against Granby. He ran for 95 yards and two touchdowns on 28 carries. He also caught eight passes for 133 yards and a touchdown. On offense, he lined up in the backfield or on the offensive line as a tight end, depending on where he was needed.

“He is phenomenal football player,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “The opposing teams call him the Beast. He’s something special.” In the 24-6 win over Granby, he had scored on a two-yard run, on a 13-yard reception, kicked three extra points and hit a 24-yard field goal.

Five Canton players earn All-Pequot honors
CANTON, Dec. 13 – Five Canton football players earned All-Pequot Conference honors in voting by the league coaches. Linebacker Nate Scott, defensive back Nick Grabowski, guard Tomas Cruz and wide receiver Nick Quattro were each unanimous selections to the All-PFC squad. Guard Kyle Mullins was also voted onto the team.

Running back Sam Hartzell, who was injured midway through the season, received honorable mention honors.

Grabowski led the team in rushing with 826 yards and 4 TDs on 133 carries. Scott ran for 95 yards and two TDs on 28 carries. But he made his mark defensively with plenty of big hits, four sacks, a blocked extra points, and three fumble recoveries. Scott also punted. Quattro led the team with 31 catches for 497 yards and 5 TDs. Tomas Cruz and Kyle Mullins played well on the line for the Warriors.

Canton is too big to form co-op team with OWTS
CANTON, Dec. 16 – Canton and Wolcott Tech will not field a co-op football team next fall because Canton will have more players than the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) allows to participate in a co-op program. CIAC rules allow schools in co-op football programs to have a maximum of 32 athletes. At this time, Canton expects 40 athletes to participate with 14 players coming from youth football programs in Canton, Simsbury and Farmington.

Friends of Canton Football, the parent-run booster club that funds the football and girls lacrosse program, strongly opposed the co-op idea. They felt enough younger players have expressed interest in playing for Canton that the co-op wasn’t necessary.
Collinsville Press, Dec. 16: Canton has too many players to form co-op team with Wolcott Tech

Canton, Wolcott Tech considering fielding 
co-op team together
CANTON, Dec. 11 – Officials from Canton High and Wolcott Tech in Torrington are investigating the possibility of forming a co-op football team together next fall. Canton athletic director John Bement will meet with Wolcott Tech athletic director Ray Tanguay next week to continue working out the details of the proposal. Bement said he will need approval from Canton High principal Gary Gula and the Board of Education before making a formal proposal to the CIAC. Bement said he hopes to apply for the co-op by the end of January.

According to a preliminary co-op agreement, Canton would be the host school, the team would retain its Warrior identity and colors and would practice and play home games in Canton. 
Collinsville Press, Dec. 11: Canton, Wolcott Tech considering fielding co-op football team together

Ellington hands Canton loss in season finale
CANTON, Nov. 20 – Matt Janiga scored a pair of touchdowns for Ellington/Somers to lead the Purple Knights to a 24-6 win over Canton in the final game of the season for the Warriors. Janiga scored on an 11-yard touchdown run and a 35-yard interception return. Senior QB Nick Grabowski ran for a team-high 103  yards and a TD on 10 carries while passing for 74 yards. Ellington was led by Mitch DiResta with 76 yards on eight carries.

Lions Club donates money toward new press box, pavilion
CANTON, Nov. 16 -- The Canton Lions Club has donated $5,000 toward the construction of a new press box and pavilion at Canton high School. The Lions Club donated the money to Friends of Canton Football at its monthly meeting.

Friends of Canton Football have already completed the first portion of the project which is the installation of electrical work necessary to power the scoreboard and pre-wiring of the press box and pavilion, which will be built where the temporary staging is set up for each football game. The entire project is expected to cost $30,000. Friends of Canton Football expect to complete the project by next summer (2011).

Scott sparks Canton to 3rd win in last 4 games
CANTON, Nov. 6 – Nate Scott’s uniform was streaked with mud strains after Saturday’s game with Granby. It wasn’t surprising. Scott hardly left the field. He had a two-yard touchdown run, a 13-yard touchdown reception, kicked three extra points, punted and hit a 24-yard field goal as the Warriors won their second straight game with a 24-6 win over Granby at the high school. Canton (3-5, 3-4 Pequot Uncas) has won three of its last four games.

“We’re improving every day,” Canton coach Roger Pearl said. “We’re playing the best football we have this year. We’re executing. The defense is playing better and the offense is moving the ball better.”

Quarterback Nick Grabowski ran for a career-high 159 yards and one touchdown on 19 carries. He completed 5-of-5 passes for 119 yards and a touchdown – a 13-yard pass to Scott over the middle. Scott also hit the first field goal of the season for the Warriors and became just the second player in school history to make a field goal.

Canton intercepted two passes and recovered one Granby fumble. The Bears (0-7, 0-6 Pequot Uncas) scored their only touchdown when freshman Zachary Quinn deflected a pass from Bear QB Curtis Fields up into the air and into the arms of teammate David Hollum, who ran 52-yards for a touchdown.

It is the second time this year that Hollum has scored a touchdown off a deflected pass. Quinn deflected a pass into the air against Windsor Locks that Hollum grabbed for a touchdown.

Yellowjackets pull away in second half
WINSTED, Nov. 13 – The Warriors couldn’t stop the ground game of the Gilbert/Northwestern football team in a 44-14 loss. Led by Devon Molway and Drew McCarthy, the Yellowjackets were able to control the contest with some long runs down the sideline. Gilbert quarterback Bobby Lippincott made the Warriors pay by throwing three touchdown passes.

Canton (3-6, 3-5 Pequot Uncas) was led by receiver Nick Quattro, who caught a school record 10 passes for 158 yards and two touchdowns from quarterback Nick Grabowski. Ten receptions breaks the record of seven catches set by Tyler Plourd in 2008 against Housatonic. Quattro’s 158 yards is the second highest day for a receiver. Christian Plourd caught six passes for 162 yards and 4 TDs against Valley Regional in 2007.

Quattro caught a 42-yard pass from Grabowski and slipped down the sideline for the score but Nate Scott missed the extra point and Gilbert led 7-6. The Yellowjackets added 10 points in the second quarter to take a 17-6 halftime lead. Gilbert extended its lead to 24-6 on a 4-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter.

Canton was re-energized after Quattro caught a 26-yard touchdown pass from Grabowski, who scored on a two-point conversion to cut the lead to 10 points, 24-14 with 11:09 left in the fourth quarter. But Canton wasn’t able to muster anymore offense. On its next series, Gilbert’s Drew McCarthy stepped in front of a Canton receiver to intercept Grabowski. The Yellowjackets made Canton pay as Lippincott threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Sean Fitzgerald with 8:18 left in the game. 

On its next possession, On its next series, Canton was pinned deep in its territory after a punt. Grabowski narrowly missed getting tackled for a safety and Canton punted after three plays. Gilbert scored again as Fitzgerald pulled in a 34-yard touchdown pass from McCarthy on the halfback option with 5:20 remaining to extend the lead to 36-14.

On Canton’s next drive, McCarthy intercepted another Grabowski pass and nearly scored, racing 30 yards before getting knocked out at the one-yard line. Lineman Charlie Shay scored on the one-yard run.

Special teams success, forcing turnovers lift Canton past Raiders
WINDSOR LOCKS, Nov. 1 -- Canton foiled Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby three times on conversion attempts after touchdowns and forced four turnovers to earn a thrilling 20-18 victory. Trailing by eight, the Raiders ate up nearly six minutes and scored on a two-yard run by Tristian Cauley with 14 seconds left in the game to pull within two points. But Cauley couldn't break through the line on a two-point conversion run, stopped by Aras Benvicius, Ryan Glynn and Robby Grillo. "We played with a lot of heart," Canton coach Roger Pearl said.

Windsor Locks scored on their first drive of the game but Canton's Nate Scott blocked the extra point for a 6-0 lead. The Warriors took a 7-6 lead on Scott’s 1-yard run and extra point. But Anthony Liquori scored on a five-yard run with 11 seconds left in the second quarter to give Locks a 12-7 lead. But Canton's defense stood tall and  stopped an attempted two-point conversion run.

Canton took a 20-12 lead on a 22-yard touchdown pass to Quattro from Grabowski in the third quarter and a three-yard run from Grabowski with 6:25 remaining in the game. Both drives began with Canton recovering Windsor Locks fumbles. Overall, Canton forced four Windsor Locks turnovers, recovering three fumbles and intercepting a pass.

Locks game postponed to Monday
WINDSOR LOCKS – Canton’s game with Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby was postponed to Monday afternoon after the tragic death of Windsor Locks sophomore Henry Dang in a traffic accident on Friday night. The game will be Monday at 3:45 p.m. at Windsor Locks.

McDonald carries Avon to big win over Canton SIMSBURY, Oct. 23 – All-State running back Ross McDonald ran for a season-high 244 yards and tied the school record that he shares with four other players by scoring five touchdowns in a single game as Avon (5-1, 5-0 Pequot Uncas) rolled to its fifth straight win with a 47-12 victory over Canton played Saturday night at Simsbury High.

The Falcons intercepted three passes and recovered a fumble. Colin Moore rushed for 50 yards on six carries for Avon while receiver Tyler D’Onfroio caught three passes for 30 yards and a touchdown. D’Onofrio also intercepted a pass and ran back a punt 25 yards.

For Canton (1-5, 1-4 Pequot Uncas), QB Nick Grabowski ran for a team-high 124 yards and one touchdown on 25 carries. Nick Quatto caught four passes for 51 yards while returning six kickoffs for 72 yards. Sophomore Robby Grillo intercepted an Avon pass that Quattro tipped into the air and returned it 25 yards out of the end zone.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 16: Falcons dominate Canton under the lights in Simsbury

Mullins has 2 TDs in win over Stafford
STAFFORD, Oct. 15 – Kyle Mullins ran for a team-high 75 yards and two touchdowns while Sam Hartzell returned a kickoff for a touchdown to lead Canton to its first victory of the season, 20-14, over Stafford/East Windsor under the lights. Conor Gavin had a fourth quarter interception to help secure the victory. “The kids came together as a team. We’re a very young team,” Canton coach Roger Pearl told WFSB, Channel 3. “We have only six seniors. Today, they showed their leadership and came together as one.”

Hartzell had the first kickoff return for a touchdown since 1959. His 80-yard return is the second longest in school history. Vin Szamier had a 100-yard kickoff return against Berlin in 1951. Hartzell also rushed for 65 yards on 15 carries. Nick Quatto and Nate Scott each recovered a fumble for Canton (1-4). Hartzell did injure his knee in the game and is out for the season.
WFSB-3, Oct. 15: Canton beats Stafford for first win of the season

Dominating performance by Enfield under lights
ENFIELD, Oct. 8 – Sam Hartzell ran for a career-high 168 yards on 19 carries and scored on touchdown runs of 74 and 20 yards but it wasn’t enough as the Raiders dominated Canton, 47-13 under the lights at Enfield High. Andrew Buanno (11-155) scored three TDs in the first quarter for Enfield (3-1, 3-0 Pequot Uncas) while Kevin Merker scored twice in the second quarter. Enfield led 47-7 at halftime.

Big plays lift Coventry past Canton, 35-0
CANTON, Oct. 2 – Devin Kjellquist scored two TDs and Coventry/Windham Tech scored on some big plays to hand Canton its third straight loss, 35-0 at the high school on a sunny Saturday. The visiting Patriots scored on a 55-yard run, a 63-yard pass play and a 44-yard punt return. 

Sam Hartzell led the Warriors with 57 yards rushing on 13 carries while QB Nick Grabowski completed five of 12 passes for 43 yards. Nick Quattro caught four passes for 38 yards. He also had a 35-yard interception return late in the first half.

Housatonic takes charge in third to beat Canton
FALLS VILLAGE, Sept. 24 – Tanner Brissett rushed for game-high 264 yards on 30 carries as Housatonic/Wamogo took charge in the third quarter and beat Canton, 38-19 Friday under portable lights in Falls Village. The Warriors took a 19-13 lead into halftime after Nick Quattro scored on a 70-yard touchdown reception from Conor Gavin.

But Housatonic took control in the third quarter. They took a 20-19 lead after a 60-yard drive capped off by a three-yard run by Jake Sutherland (7-27, 4 TDs). On Canton’s next drive, the Warriors tried a fake punt on fourth down and five but QB Nick Grabowski was sacked for a five-yard loss. Housatonic quickly took advantage, taking a 26-19 lead on a 27-yard run by Donyell Williams.

From that point, Housatonic was able to control the ballgame with its unique single wing offense that was able to cut through the Warrior defense
The Register Citizen, Sept. 25: Mountaineers take charge in second half to beat Canton

Canton vs. Avon under the lights in Simsbury
AVON, Sept. 23 -- The Warriors will play a third night game when they face Canton for the first time on Sat. Oct. 23 at Simsbury High at 7 p.m. The game is Canton's home game and will provide the anticipated large crowd with plenty of room to watch the action.

OSW grinds out victory
CANTON, Sept. 16 – Old Saybrook/Westbrook’s Dane Pallotto rushed for a game-high 138 yards and three TDs on 18 carries to lead the visiting Rams to a 28-12 win over Canton on a rainy opening day. Rams QB John McElhome completed 6-of-11 passes for 96 yards and a TD.

Canton (0-1, 0-0 Pequot Uncas) had trouble sustaining drives but QB Nick Grabowski ran for a team-high 109 yards on 18 carries. Nate Scott rushed for three yards on three carries while scoring Canton’s two touchdowns. 

Canton committed six penalties for 45 yards in the first half and eight infractions for 55 yards in the game. Grabowski was sacked twice for 17 yards and was tackled twice in the backfield for losses. It was Canton’s eighth straight opening day loss, dating back to 1958.

Canton aiming for playoffs in 2010
CANTON, Sept. 12 – The Canton High football continues to set the bar higher and higher. In its fourth varsity campaign after a 43-year absence, the Warriors are aiming for a spot in the newly-expanded CIAC Class S playoffs. Eight teams will qualify this year. “If we stay healthy, we could be in the playoffs,” third-year coach Roger Pearl said. 

Canton (6-4, 5-3 Pequot Uncas) returns eight starters on both sides of the ball and 22 lettermen, led by two-time All-Pequot QB Nick Grabowski and two-time All-Pequot linebacker Nate Scott. Once again, the Warriors have a big offensive and defensive line but quickness will be the key this year. “We’ll have more speed and less power,” Pearl said. “We’re faster than we were last year. We don’t have a power running game like we did last year.”

Canton opens the season on Thursday at 4 p.m. when they host Old Saybrook/Westbrook at the high school field.
2010 preview capsule

Opening Day milestones
Record: 14-17
Biggest win: 1947, Canton 37, Torrington JVs 0
Last win: 1958, Canton 18, Gilbert 6
Biggest loss: 1953, Gilbert 58, Canton 0
Note: Canton has lost seven straight games on opening day

Scrimmages begin on Aug. 31
CANTON, Aug. 25 – The Canton High football team will host four teams in a scrimmage on Tuesday, Aug. 31 at the high school. Lewis Mills, Bulkeley, St. Paul and Sports Science will face the Warriors beginning at 4 p.m. Canton will compete in additional scrimmages on Saturday, Sept. 4 at Rocky Hill and on Thursday, Sept. 9 at Capital Prep in Hartford.

Benefit golf tournament is Sept. 23
CANTON – The sixth annual Friends of Canton Football benefit golf tournament will be held Thursday, Sept. 23, at Simsbury Farms Golf Course beginning at 10 a.m. Dinner is at 5 p.m. Entry fee is $135 and includes 18 holes of golf, a cart, a box lunch and beverages. Proceeds go to fund the football and girls lacrosse programs.
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Fans crowd around the Canton High football field
Canton '10 preview capsule
Coach: Roger Pearl, 3rd year (8-13)
Last year: 6-4, 5-3 Pequot Uncas
Key losses: Fourteen seniors, including All-Pequot RB Mike Fraser (134-607 rushing, 11 TDs), All-Pequot WR Tyler Plourd (15-242 receiving, 3 TDs), All-Pequot TE/DB Rich Jones (12-223, 1 TD), G Colin Glasson, K Jeff Nasson, RB/LB Greg Cole (65-414, 3 TD), C Kyle Bento, DT Sean Hutton, G Nick Martino, OL/DL Sean Mullins
Top players: Seniors: All-Pequot QB Nick Grabowski (33-79, 511 yards, 6 TDs, 5 interceptions and 102-551 rushing, 6 TDs), All-Pequot DT Tomas Kruse (6-4, 265), All-Pequot LB/TE Nate Scott, OL Dylan Smith; WR Nick Quattro; RB Sam Hartzell (23-123, 1 TD), OL/DL Chad Huff
Juniors: OL/DL Ryan Glenn, OL/DL Josiah Dubois (6-3, 318), Eric Rafter (6-3, 230), G/DL Eric Latvis
Sophomore: OL/DL Eugene Davis (6-7, 320)
Outlook: The Warriors return eight starters on offense and defense including two-time All-Pequot selections QB Nick Grabowski and LB/TE Nate Scott along with Tomas Kruse. “If we stay healthy, we can be in the playoffs,” Pearl said.
Notable: Canton will host its first-ever night football game on Fri. Oct. 1, when they host Coventry/Windham Tech at 6:30 p.m. … Five captains include Nate Scott, Nick Grabowski, Sam Hartzell, Tomas Kruse and Nick Quattro … Last year’s six wins tied a single-season record for most wins in a season, most recently achieved in 1952 and also in 1945. Up through the early 1960s, six games was a normal season. … Canton scored a school record 213 points a year ago, breaking the record of 181 set in 2007.
n Canton hosted Avon at Simsbury High. Several hundred fans attended and saw Avon's All-State running back Ross McDonald score 5 TDs in a 47-12 victory.
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n In their fourth season since being reinstated as a varsity program, Canton finished with a 3-7 record.
n Nick Quattro set a new single game school record with 10 receptions against Gilbert
Karl Grabowski, president of Friends of Canton Football, receives a donation of $5,000 from the Canton Lions Club and Bob Casey, president, right, and Bob Bessel, past president, left.
Elaine Nord photo
Canton's Nate Scott (44)