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This page was last updated: August 11, 2017
Canton High School
Canton, Connecticut
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n Head coach Paul Philippon
Reviving the tradition
2012 Pequot Conference standings, news, results

2012 individual leaders
FINAL (10 games)
RUSHING        Att -- YDs    TDs
Mullins            146-977      13
Delos              111-574       6
Lachance         39-190       3
Brophy               15-82         0
Gumbs                2-6            0
Amoroso             5-5            1
Scott                  25-4            1
Daley                   2-2            0

PASSING    C  Att Int  YDs  TDs  
Scott             36-81-1  375    3
Daley             9-15-0   116    0
Lachance      0-1-0        0      0

RECEIVING     C  YDs      TDs
Wood              17-219      3
Gumbs           14-109      0
Brophy                4-66       1
Zukowski            1-38       1
Daley                   3-32       0
Wilson                 2-13       0
Bangs                  2-17       0
LaChance           1 (-8)     0

POINTS      TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Mullins      13-0    0     4      86
Delos          6-0     0     7     46
LaChance  3-0     0     4     26
Wood          0-3     0     0     18
Gumbs       0-0     0     0     12*
Amoroso    1-0     0     0      6
Zukowski    0-1    0     0      6
Brophy         0-1    0     0      6
Scott            1-0     0     0      6
Daley           0-0     3     0     3
Melton          0-0    2     0      2
*Punt return and kickoff return for TD

PATS:  Daley 3-6, Melton 2-2

RETURNS: Kickoffs -- Daley 10-180, Gumbs 8-213, Lachance 5-127, M. Bangs 3-28, Delos 2-33, Bonini 1-15, Brophy 1-0, Wilson 1-0
RETURNS: Punts -- Daley 2-40, Gumbs 4-93
SACKS (6) -- Mullins 2-37, Bonini 1-11, Latvits 1-5, Lawlor 1-3, Toland 0.5-15, Wood 0.5-10
INTERCEPTIONS (8) -- Daley 3-35, Delos 1-16, Gumbs 1-17, Bonini 1-8, Trowers 1-2, Brophy 1-0
FUMBLE RECOVERY (11) -- Daley 2, Mullins 2, Lawlor 2, Wood, Delos, Bonini, Toland, Grillo
TACKLES (solo-assist-total): Bonini 60-35, 95; Delos 53-31, 84; Daley 57-26, 83; Mullins 44-21, 65; Wood 31-20, 51; Lawlor 37-9, 46

Canton 38, Granby 12
At Canton
Granby (4-6)  0  6   0  6  -- 12
Canton (7-3)16  0  15  7 – 38
First quarter
C: Kyle Mullins 20 run (Mullins run), 4:46
C: Jake Wood 24 pass from Eric Scott (Mullins run), 0:55
Second quarter
G: Caleb McMullin 9 pass from Curtis Field (run fails), 0:32
Third quarter
C: Mullins 1 run (Jesse Lachance run), 10:05
C: Dan Delos 37 run (Eddie Melton kick), 5:08
Fourth quarter
C: Lachance 5 run (Melton kick), 5:11
G: Kenneth Mouning 5 pass from Field (pass fails), 0:02
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Jesse Lachance 3-22, Kyle Mullins 11-95, Dan Delos 9-116, Eric Scott 2-minus 8, Terrence Brophy 3-27; Granby -- Stephen Blake 21-72, Caleb McMullin 4-1, Connor Field 1-13; Curtis Field 3-minus 23
PASSING: Canton -- Eric Scott 3-7-0, 43, Lachance 0-1-0; Granby -- Curtis Field 24-41-3, 205
RECEIVING: Canton -- Jake Wood 3-43; Granby -- Caleb McMullin 7-45; Ian Downey 7-58; Stephen Blake 4-37, Kenneth Mouning 6-66
RETURNS: Kickoffs -- Connor Field (G) 1-18, Caleb McMullin (G) 1-2, Logan Strait (G) 1-0, Kennth Mouning (G) 2-25; Dan Delos (C) 1-19, Seb Gumbs (C) 1-38, Matt Bangs (G) 1-20; Punt returns – Gumbs (C) 1-12, Dominic Pagano (G) 1-0
INTERCEPTIONS: Cam Daley (C) 1-25, Seb Gumbs (C) 1-38, Dan Delos (C) 1-17; SACKS: Henry Bonini (C) 1-9, Kyle Mullins (C) 1-11; FUMB REC: Delos (C); Penalties: Granby 8-85, Canton 8-85 

Canton 20, SMSA/Univ. 14
At Hartford
Canton (6-3)8  0  12  0  -- 20
SMSA/Univ (3-6)   6  0    0  8  -- 14
First quarter
S: Kadeen Johnson 7 run (kick fails), 7:01
C: Dan Delos 9 run (Delos run), 3:08
Third quarter
C: Delos 11 run (run fails), 8:01
C: Andrew Zukowski 38 pass from Eric Scott (run fails), 4:15
Fourth quarter
S: Wilfredo Alicea 4 run (Daunte Brinkley pass from Alicea), 0:59
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Kyle Mullins 7-50, Dan Delos 10-46, Terrance Brophy 7-27, Jesse LaChance 3-1, Mike Amoroso 1-2, Eric Scott 1-minus 4, team 4-minus 16; SMSA/Univ. – Kadeem Johnson 15-80, Wilfredo Alicea 13-55, Ezequiel Ortiz 10-80, Eloy Aguayo 1-2
PASSING: Canton – Eric Scott 2-6-0, 14; SMSA/Univ. – Wilfredo Alicea 7-13-0, 117
RECEIVING: Canton – Andrew Zukowski 1-38, Seb Gumbs 1-6; SMSA/Univ. – E. Ortiz 4-56, Patrick Richards 1-16, Eloy Aguayo 2-45
RETURNS: Johnson (S) 1-38 kickoff; Cam Daley (C) 2-53 kickoff, E. Aguayo 2-10 kickoff, Daunte Brickley 1-0 kickoff, Matt Bangs 1-0 kickoff; Cam Daley (C) 1-21 punt
SACKS: Kyle Mullins (C) 1-13, Patrick Lawlor (C) 1-6; Everett Martel (S) and Laurne Williams (S) 1-4; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Brinkley (S) and Lawlor (C)

Canton 42, 
Stafford/East Windsor 22
At Stafford
Canton (5-3)14  8  6  14 – 42
Stafford (1-5) 0  8  6    8 – 22
First quarter
C: Dan Delos 1 run (run fails). 6:58
C: Kyle Mullins 10 run (Delos run), 2:20
Second quarter
C: Eric Scott 1 run (Delos run), 4:55
S: Davin Ware 9 pass from Tim Ford (Josh Schneider pass from Ford), 0:12
Third quarter
S: Zach Rollins 1 run (pass fails), 6:48
C: Delos 1 run (run fails), 2:05
Fourth quarter
C: Delos 11 run (run fails)
S: Adrian Perkins 15 pass from Ford (Jacob Reilly pass from Ford), 6:32
C: Mullins 2 run (Mullins run), 1:42
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Kyle Mullins 29-217, Eric Scott 2-2, Dan Delos 15-91, Mike Amoroso 2-2, Terrence Brophy 4-21
PASSING: Canton -- Eric Scott 2-3-0, 32
RECEIVING: Canton -- Jake Wood 2-32

Gilbert/NWR 21, Canton 0
At Winsted
Canton (4-3)0  0     0  0  -- 0
Gilbert (3-3) 0  7  14  0  -- 21
Second quarter
G: Ed Vanty 27 pass from John Lippincott (John Ambrozaitis kick)
Third quarter
G: Tony Ortiz 3 run (Ambrozaitis kick)
G: Tom Casey 33 pass from Lippincott (Ambrozaitis)
Individual statistics
RUSHING – Gilbert/NWR -- Tony Ortiz 18-95; John Lippincott 13-38; Matt Nieves 4-20; John Ambrozaitis 1-7; Aiden Tellier 1-7; Nick Mussen 1-1; Canton -- Mullins 16-87, LaChance 4-minus 13, Scott 1-0, Delos 14-42
PASSING – Gilbert/NWR -- John Lippincott 5-11-0, 105; Tony Ortiz 0-1-0; Canton -- Scott 1-4-0, 8; Daley 2-4-0, minus 6
RECEIVING: Gilbert/NWR -- John Ambrozaitis 2-40; Tom Casey 1-33; Ed Vanty 1-27; Nick Sullivan 1-5; Canton -- Gumbs 1-8, Matt Bangs 1-2, LaChance 1-minus 8

Canton 28, Coventry/WT/Bolton 26
At Canton
Cov/WT/B (3-2)7   7  0  12 – 26
Canton (4-2)    0   6  14  8 – 28
First quarter
Cov: Nathan Decker 39 pass from Devan Valdes (Tom Myers kick), 5:54
Second quarter
Cov: Kyle Wing 8 run (Myers kick), 1:34
C: Kyle Mullins 14 run (run fails), 0:54
Third quarter
C: Mullins 15 run (Dan Delos run), 6:49
C: Mullins 3 run (run fails), 0:21
Fourth quarter
Cov: Vincenzo Marciano 13 run (kick fails), 5:17
C: Mullins 4 run (Mullins run), 2:26
Cov: Wing 3 run (run fails), 0:00
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Kyle Mullins 20-100, Dan Delos 12-42, Cam Daley 4-minus 26, Jesse LaChance 5-33; Coventry/Windham Tech – Kyle Wing 29-178, Vincenzo Marciano 6-36, Devan Valdes 3-2, Austin Ives 2-2, Nathan Decker 2-13, 
PASSING: Canton – Cam Daley 4-7-0, 66; Coventry/WT – Devan Vales 9-19-0, 136; Tom Myers 1-2-0, 13
RECEIVING: Canton – Jake Wood 2-45, Keith Wilson 1-6, Matt Bangs 1-15; Coventry/WT – Nathan Decker 4-79, Devan Valdes 1-13, Tommy Myers 3-30, Austin Ives 1-6, Vincenzo Marciano 2-23
PENALTIES: Coventry/WT 7-65, Canton 4-30; FUMBLE REC: Mullins (Canton), Jake Wood (Canton); RETURNS: Jesse LaChance (Canton) 2-43 kickoffs, Henry Bonini (Canton) 1-15 kickoff, Austin Ives (Coventry) 1-5 kickoff, Nathan Decker (Coventry) 1-5 punt, 3-19 kickoffs

Canton 28, Enfield 21
At Canton
Enfield (3-2)7    0  7  7 – 21
Canton (3-2)0  14  6  8 – 28
First quarte
E: Nick Bevilacqua 38 run (Anthony Trotta kick), 1:47
Second Quarter
C: Kyle Mullins 4 run (kick blocked), 8:15
C: Terrence Brophy 39 pass from Cam Daley (Jesse LaChance run), 0:38
Third Quarter
E: Michael Crowley 3 run (Trotta kick), 3:31
C: Sebastian Gumbs 81 kickoff return (run failed), 3:17
Fourth Quarter
C: Mullins 20 run (LaChance run), 11:23
E: Bevilacqua 9 run (Trotta kick), 9:29
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Mullins 18-89, Lachance 4-30, Scott 1-5, Delos 14-67, Daley 2-2
PASSING: Canton -- Scott 1-2-0, 5; Daley 3-4-0, 56
RECEIVING: Canton -- Gumbs 1-5, Brophy 2-49, Wilson 1-7

Avon 28, Canton 6
At Canton
Avon (4-0)   7  7  7  7  -- 28
Canton (2-2)0  0  0  6 – 6
First quarter
A: Colin Moore 49 run (Mitch Cappello kick), 1:04
Second quarter
A: Stephen Griffin 56 interception return (Cappello kick), 6:48
Third quarter
A: Moore 15 run (Cappello kick), 5:42
Fourth quarter
A: Chris Suttmeier 16 pass from Noah Hahn (Cappello kick), 11:47
C: Jake Wood 14 pass from Eric Scott (run fails), 8:51
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Jimmy Murphy 1-4, Noah Hahn 3-4, Colin Moore 28-236, Mitch Cappello 8-38; Canton – Kyle Mullins 16-105, Jessie LaChance 3-23, Eric Scott 2-4, Dan Delos 8-32
PASSING: Avon – Noah Hahn 3-9-1, 23; Colin Moore 1-1-0, minus 6; Canton – Eric Scott 5-19-1, 38
RECEIVING: Avon – Chris Suttmeier 3-23, Stephen Griffin 1-minus 6; Canton – Jake Wood 1-14, Sebastian Gumbs 2-11, Terrence Brophy 1-8, Cameron Daley 1-5
PUNTING: Canton – Scott 5-163
RETURNS: Canton – Daley 2-44 (punts); Daley 4-40 (kickoffs), Gumbs 2-29 (kickoffs); Avon – Cappello 1-14 (kickoff), Bujwid 1-0
INTERCEPTIONS: Griffin (A) 1-56, Terrence Brophy (C) 1-2; SACK: Jimmy Murphy (A) 1-1

Canton 40, Housatonic/Wamogo 0
At Falls Village
Canton (2-1)      7  20  13  0  -- 40
Housy/Wamogo (0-3)   0    0    0  0  --   0
First quarter
C: Jesse LaChance 10 run (Cameron Daley kick), 4:29
Second quarter
C: Kyle Mullins 5 run (kick fails), 10:02
C: Sebastian Gumbs 54 punt return (LaChance run), 7:23
C: Jake Wood 10 pass from Scott (run fails), 0:25
Third quarter
C: Mike Amoroso 1 run (Daley kick), 6:25
C: Mullins 66 run (kick fails), 4:35
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Kyle Mullins 7-102, Jesse LaChance 5-21, Eric Scott 2-19, Dan Delos 8-89, Mike Amoroso 1-1, Terrence Brophy 1-7
PASSING: Canton -- Eric Scott 6-8-0, 54
RECEIVING: Canton -- Cam Daley 2-28, Jake Wood 3-29, Seb Gumbs 3-37, Terrence Brophy 1-9

Canton 8, Windsor Locks/ Suffield/East Granby 0
At Suffield
Canton (1-1)0  0  0  8 -- 8
WL/Suff/EG (1-1)   0  0  0  0  – 0
Fourth quarter
C: Kyle Mullins 30 run (Dan Delos run), 4:59
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Kyle Mullins 14-89, Dan Delos 13-31, Eric Scott 4-minus 16, Jesse LaChance 7-20; Windsor Locks – Trystan Cauley 23-116, Phil Attanasio 8-33, Jake Lareau 3-minus 11, Dunatus Correa 1-minus 2, 32 1-14
PASSING: Canton – Scott 6-8-0, 54; Windsor Locks – Lareau 5-8-1, 26, Cauley 1-2-1, minus 1
RECEIVING: Canton – Sebastian Gumbs 3-22, Jake Wood 3-32; Windsor Locks – Correa 2-0, No. 34 1-minus 1; No. 9 3-26

Ellington/Somers 21, 
Canton 7
At Canton
Ellington (1-0)0  14  0  7 – 21
Canton (0-1)   0    0  7  0  -- 7
Second quarter
E: Neal Janiga 55 run (Justin Oliver kick)
E: Joe Lesile 11 run (Oliver kick)
Third quarter
C: Jessie LaChance 50 run (Cam Daley kick)
Fourth quarter
E: Janiga 1 run (Oliver kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Kyle Mullins 8-35, Jesse LaChance 5-55, Eric Scott 6-21, Dan Delos 8-18, Seb Gumbs 2-6, Amoroso 1-0
PASSING: Canton -- Eric Scott 7-19-0, 48
RECEIVING: Canton -- Cam Daley 1-4, Jake Wood 3-24, Seb Gumbs 3-20

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Site established Sept. 2006
2012 Canton High football 
Saturday, Sept. 15  Ellington/Somers 21, Canton 7
Saturday, Sept. 22  Canton 8, Windsor Locks/Suffield/EGranby 0
Saturday Sept. 29   Canton 40, Housatonic/Wamogo 0 
Saturday, Oct. 6      Avon 28, Canton 6
Saturday, Oct. 13    Canton 28, Enfield 21
Saturday, Oct. 20    Canton 28, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 26
Saturday, Oct. 27    Gilbert/Northwestern 21, Canton 0
Friday, Nov. 2          Canton 42, Stafford/East Windsor 22
Friday, Nov. 16        Canton 20, Sport Medicine Science Acad. 14
Thursday, Nov. 22    Canton 38, Granby 12
Home games at Canton High School                                          
2012 record
Overall: 7-3
Pequot Uncas: 7-3

Four players earn All-Pequot honors
Four Canton players were recognized as All-Pequot Conference players in balloting by coaches from the league. Henry Bonini (guard), Sebby Gumbs (offense), Cam Daley (defensive back) and Kyle Mullins (defensive end) were recognized.

Bonini was a guard on the Warrior offense that scored a school record 217 points this season, breaking the mark set by the 2009 team. The offensive line helped Kyle Mullins run for a school-record 977 yards and 13 TDs. Bonini was the team’s leading tackler with 60 solo tackles. Gumbs was recognized for his all-around skills on offense. Gumbs caught 14 passes for 109 yards while returning eight kickoffs for 213 yards.

Mullins made headlines with his running but also played defensive end for the Warriors, making 44 tackles, assisting on another 21 and making two sacks for 21 yards. Daley played on both sides of the ball, including a two-game stint at quarterback when starter Eric Scott was injured. Defensively, Daley led the team with three interceptions. He also recovered a pair of fumbles and made 57 tackles. 

What a finish for Canton in win over Granby, 38-12
CANTON, Nov. 22 -- Canton senior Kyle Mullins ran for two touchdowns and 95 yards on 11 carries and the Warriors forced four Granby turnovers as Canton finished the season with a 7-3 record after a 38-12 victory over the Bears on Thanksgiving morning. Dan Delos scored on a 37-yard run, Jake Wood caught a 24-yard touchdown pass from Eric Scott, Jesse LaChance scored on a 5-yard run and freshman Eddie Melton kicked a pair of extra points – the first extra points by Melton this season.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 22: Warriors dominate Granby for record seventh victory

Thanksgiving Day preview
Granby (4-5, 4-5 Pequot Uncas) at Canton (6-3, 6-3), 10:30 a.m. One year after going 0-10, Canton is looking to set a new single season school record for wins with a Thanksgiving Day victory over Granby. It is the first Thanksgiving Day game in Canton in 66 years since the Warriors beat an Alumni team in 1936. After winning just two games in its first two varsity seasons, Granby hopes to finish its third season with a fifth win. Junior QB Curtis Field had his best performance of the season on Nov. 10 against Stafford, completing 16 of 24 passes for 290 yards and 4 TDs. He has thrown for over 1,560 yards and 12 TDs for the Bears. His favorite target is Ian Downey (36 receptions, 490 yards, 5 TDs) along with Caleb McMullin (34-426, 3 TDs) and Ben Marlor (15-150). Stephen Blake is Granby’s top runner with 403 yards and 3 TDs on 96 carries. Granby has thrown the ball well in its four victories. However, turnovers (13 fumbles, 8 interceptions) have hampered the Bears. Defensively, Thomas Ullmann leads with 117 tackles with Blake getting 61. The Bears have 18 sacks and have 11 fumble recoveries. Canton’s strength this season has been its running game, led by Kyle Mullins, Dan Delos, Terrance Brophy and Jesse LaChance. The Warriors will have to stay away from turnovers and control the game offensively to keep Field and the Bear offense on the sideline. Defensively, Canton will have to play a hard-hitting disciplined brand of football. Look for big plays from Mullins, Patrick Lawlor, Henry Bonini and Cam Daley. Series: Began 2010. Tied 1-1. Thanksgiving Series: Began 2011. Granby leads, 1-0
Collinsville Press, Nov. 20: A new tradition is growing with Thanksgiving football in the Valley

Warriors make plays to earn sixth win of season
HARTFORD, Nov. 17 -- The Canton High football team earned a record-tying sixth victory on Friday night with a 20-14 victory over the Hartford-based co-op team from Sport Medicine Science Academy and University High at Dillon Stadium. Coach Paul Philippon was pleased with the victory but wants to see a more consistent effort out of his Warriors (6-3, 6-3 Pequot Uncas), who won for sixth timethe last eight games.

“We weren’t consistent tonight in any aspect of the game so the best thing I’ll say is that the kids played hard, they stayed together as a team and they rallied at some big moments to make plays,” he said. Canton tied a school record for wins in a single season set in 2009 (6-4), 1945 (6-0) and 1952 (6-0). They can set a new school record with a victory over Granby (4-5) on Thanksgiving morning in Canton.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 16: Canton earns sixth win by topping Tigerhawks

Warriors look to finish season with a flourish
Canton (5-3) can achieve something they have never accomplished in its football history that dates back to 1934. With victories in their final two games at Sports Medicine Science Academy on Friday night at Dillon Stadium in Hartford and on Thanksgiving morning against Granby, the Warriors could win seven games.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 14: Canton football team looks to finish season with a school-record 7 wins

Week 10 preview
Canton (5-3, 5-3 Pequot Uncas) at SMSA/University (3-5, 3-5), Friday, Nov. 16, 6 p.m., Dillon Stadium. After a bye week, Canton hopes to finish the season strong with a pair of victories to set a new school record for most wins in a season but they’ll face a rejuvenated Tigerhawk team that has won three of its last four games. SMSA/University QB Wilfredo Alicea is the team’s leading rusher with 650 yards and five TDs and he frequently runs when the protection breaks down. Ezequiel Ortiz has rushed for 531 yards and 6 TDs but sophomore Kadeem Johnson has run for 323 yards in the past two games. Alicea can also throw the ball. He has completed 48 passes for 670 yards and 6 TDs. Canton has been solid with its running game, led by senior Kyle Mullins and a disciplined approach on defense. A majority of the SMSA staff, including head coach Graham Martin, have coached at Canton at some point in the last five years. Series: Began 2011. SMSA/University leads, 1-0
Collinsville Press, Nov. 14: Week 10 Farmington Valley football previews

Mullins, Warriors run past Bulldogs for fifth victory
STAFFORD, Nov. 2 – It was a record-setting evening for the Canton High football team. Running back Kyle Mullins ran for a school-record 217 yards on 29 carries and two TDs to lead the Warriors to their fifth win of the season in a 42-22 victory over Stafford/East Windsor under the lights Friday night.

Mullins breaks the record of 177 yards set by Justin Rice in 2007 against Housatonic/Wamogo – the first season of varsity football after a 44-year absence. Single game rushing information from games played from 1934 to 1964 isn’t available.

Dan Delos ran for a career-high 91 yards, three TDs and a pair of two-point conversions to score 22 of Canton’s 42 points. The 42 points is the third highest single game performance in team history. The Warriors (5-3, 5-3 Pequot Uncas) ran for 330 yards in the contest.

Canton took a 22-0 lead on touchdown runs from Delos, Mullins and Eric Scott. The host Bulldogs scored in the waning seconds of the second quarter and Zach Rollins touchdown run with 6:48 left in the third quarter cut Canton’s lead to eight, 22-14.

The Warriors responded with another two TD runs from Delos to extend its lead to 36-14. Mullins capped off the scoring with his second TD of the game in the final two minutes.

Jake Wood led the Warrior defense with six tackles while Dan Delos, Cameron Daley and Jessie Lachance had five tackles each. After winning just one of its first 13 games under the lights in its history, Canton has now won two night games in a row.

Yellowjackets hand Canton a stinging defeat
WINSTED, Oct. 27 – The Yellowjackets stopped the Canton offense and shutout the Warriors, 21-0 on Saturday. Gilbert/Northwestern limited Canton to just 116 yards on the ground and two yards through the air. The Yellowjackets didn’t run roughshod over the Warriors but they got enough.

QB John Lippincott threw a pair of TD passes and completed 5-of-11 passes for 105 yards while Tony Ortiz ran for a game-high 95 yards and a touchdown.

Kyle Mullins led Canton with 87 yards on 16 carries while Dan Delos added 42 yards on 14 carries. Cameron Daley completed just 2-of-4 passes for minus 6 yards while Eric Scott completed one of four for eight yards. Canton gave up two sacks and turned the ball over twice on fumbles.

Week 7 preview
Canton (4-2, 4-2 Pequot Uncas) at Gilbert/NW Regional (2-3, 2-3), 1:30 p.m.  The Warriors are on a roll after winning four of their last five games. Canton rallied from a 14-point deficit last week and stopped a potential game-tying two-point conversion with no time left on the clock to beat Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton last week. RB Kyle Mullins ran for 100 yards and a school-record tying 4 TDs. Gilbert has been off for a week after coughing up the ball eight times in a 42-10 loss to Avon. The Yellowjackets have some speed in Tony Ortiz, who has run for a team-high 577 yards and 5 TDs. QB John Lippincott has completed 33-of-67 passes for 655 yards and 9 TDs. John Ambrozaitis (11-304, 2 TDs), Thomas Casey (11-110) and Ortiz (5-135, 1 TD) are the top receivers. Turnovers have hurt Gilbert, through. Lippincott has thrown seven interceptions. The Canton defense will have to contain Ortiz and not let the Yellowjacket receivers get behind them for big gains. The Warriors will need to control the game on the ground but it will be a challenge against a strong Yellowjacket squad. Series: Began 1945. Gilbert leads, 12-10
Collinsville Press, Oct. 25: Week 7 Farmington Valley football previews

Canton rallies, holds off Pats for 4th win
CANTON, Oct. 20 -- The Warriors erased a 14-point deficit, scored a touchdown with 2:26 left in the fourth quarter and stopped a game-tying two-point conversion attempt with no time left on the clock for a thrilling 28-26 decision over Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton on Saturday. Kyle Mullins ran for four touchdowns and a two-point conversion to lead the Warriors (4-2), who have won four of their last five games including their last two over teams with winning records. Mullins ran for 100 yards on 20 carries and tied school records for most TDs and points scored (26) in a single game.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 20: Canton rallies and holds off Coventry for fourth win in five games

Warriors stand tall in win over Enfield
CANTON, Oct. 13 – Some wins mean a little more than others. The Warriors were thrilled to earn victories over co-op teams from Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby and Housatonic/Wamogo earlier this fall. But those two teams were a combined 1-5 in the first three weeks of the season.

Canton picked up a big 28-21 win on Saturday against an Enfield team that came in with a winning record and hopes to contend for the Pequot Uncas Division championship this year.

The Warriors (3-2, 3-2 Pequot Uncas) won for the third time in the last four games, stopping two Enfield drives inside its own 20-yard line in the final five minutes of the game to secure the win. Mullins ran for a team-high 89 yards on 18 carries while Dan Delos finished with 67 yards on 14 carries. Sophomore linebacker Henry Bonini had an interception and fumble recovery for Canton.

The victory for Canton was just its second over a team with a winning record since the program was restarted in 2007. In 2009, the Warriors beat Ellington/Somers, 22-8, a team that was 4-1 coming into the game.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 13: Big win for Canton over Enfield

Week 5 preview
Enfield (3-1, 3-1 Pequot Uncas) at Canton (2-2, 2-2), Saturday, Oct. 13, 1 p.m. Canton looks to get back on the winning track when they host the Raiders on Saturday. For Enfield, RB Nick Bevilacqua and Avery Boissy, who had four TDs, including a 75-yard kickoff return against Windsor Locks, have good speed. QB Kyle Maynard threw 2 TD passes against Locks. Enfield can score with 34 points against Granby and 42 over Stafford. The Raiders did lose to Gilbert in week 2. Canton will need to control the ball with its running game (Kyle Mullins, Jesse LaChance, Dan Delos) and eliminate turnovers. Discipline on defense will be crucial too for the Warriors. Series: Began 2009. Enfield leads, 3-0
Collinsville Press, Oct. 10: Week 5 Farmington Valley previews

Warriors refuse to be satisfied with early success
CANTON, Oct. 6 – Some might say look at what the Canton High football team has already accomplished. They were 0-10 a year ago and came into the season with a 13-game losing streak. Now, they are 2-2 after four games – its best start since going 3-1 in 1958. The Warriors also pitched back-to-back shutouts in wins over Windsor Locks and Housatonic – an accomplishment they haven’t achieved since 1957.

But this isn’t a Warrior team that will be satisfied. Canton made undefeated Avon work hard in a 28-6 victory on Saturday. Few teams have shown the ability to stop Avon’s star running back Colin Moore, who ran for over 200 yards and 2 TDs for the third time in four games this season. Moral victories against the largest school in the Pequot Conference hold little value. 

Less than 15 minutes after the game was complete, head coach Paul Philippon and his coaching staff were in their offices going over what worked, what didn’t and how they can improve. “I know our kids are better than they played today so it’s frustrating as a staff,” Philippon said. “We have nothing but respect for what Avon does and how long they have been doing it. We knew we would be in for a fight.

“We’re trying to get this thing going as fast as possible so sometimes our plan or our goals might seem be a little lofty or unrealistic but we’re trying to push as hard as we can,” he said. “(The kids) are trying to do everything we ask them to do. We’ve gotten better every since week.”
Collinsville Press, Oct. 6: Moore helps Avon remain undefeated with a win over Canton

Game 4 preview
Avon (3-0, 3-0 Pequot Uncas) at Canton (2-1, 2-1), Saturday, Oct. 6, 3 p.m. Canton has won two straight games and hasn’t allowed a point in two games, something that the Warriors haven’t accomplished since 1957. QB Eric Scott completed 9-of-13 passes for 103 yards and a TD in last week’s 40-0 win over Housatonic/Wamogo. Kyle Mullins rambled for a season-high 102 yards and 2 TDs but the Warrior running game is a combination of Mullins, Dan Delos and Jesse LaChance. Defensively, LB Henry Bonini, Delos and Patrick Lawler have been playing well. Canton will have to try and stop Avon’s speedy back Colin Moore and contend with a strong defensive line. Moore has rushed for over 600 yards and 11 TDs in just three games. But the Falcons also have hard-running Mitch Cappello and QB Noah Hahn, who is a better passer this year. Focus and disciplined play will be the key for the Falcons who ran just nine offensive plays in the second half of a 42-19 win over SMSA/University on Monday. Of course, a 28-0 halftime lead was very helpful.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 4: Farmington Valley previews week 4

Canton tops Housatonic for 2nd straight victory
FALLS VILLAGE, Sept. 29 – The Warriors are on a winning streak after a dominating 40-0 win Saturday night over Housatonic/Wamogo. After losing 13 in a row from 2010 through the season opener, Canton has won consecutive games for the first time since November 2010 and earned consecutive shutout victories for the first time since 1957. Canton beat Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby a week earlier, 8-0.

The Mountaineers (0-3) are a young, rebuilding team and Canton (2-1) played well on both sides of the ball to secure the win. 

Canton QB Eric Scott completed 9-of-13 passes for 103 yards and one touchdown while Kyle Mullins rambled for a season-high 102 yards and two TDs on seven carries. Dan Delos ran for a career-high 89 yards on eight carries. Jake Wood caught three receptions for 29 yards and a touchdown while Sebastian Gumbs caught three passes for 37 yards while running back a punt return 54 yards for a touchdown.

Defensively, linebacker Henry Bonini had seven tackles, including two tackles for a loss. Delos and Patrick Lawler each had six tackles including two for a loss.

NOTABLE: Gumbs punt return for a TD was the second longest in school history, behind a 70-yard return from Dick Griffin of Plainville in 1953. ... This was just the third night win in school history. … The 40-point win was the second-largest victory in team history. The largest margin of victory was a 46-point win over Litchfield Junior Republic in a 46-0 win in 1935. 
The Register Citizen, Sept. 30: Canton overwhelms Housatonic/Wamogo

Week 3 preview
Canton (1-1, 1-1 Pequot Uncas) at Housatonic/Wamogo (0-2, 0-2), Friday night, 7 p.m. The Warriors snapped a 13-game losing streak that dated back to 2010 with an 8-0 win Saturday night against Windsor Locks. Now, Canton tries for a second straight win under the lights in Falls Village. Canton will have to contend with the unique single wing formation that tries to confuse the defense to gain yardage on the ground and eat up the clock. The Warriors were pleased to pitch a shutout last Saturday against a Windsor Locks team that scored 40 points a week earlier against Housatonic. Canton hopes to get its offense flowing smoother behind backs Kyle Mullins, Dan Delos and Jesse LaChance and QB Eric Scott.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 27: Farmington Valley football week 3 previews

Gutsy Canton stops Raiders to snaps 
13-game losing streak
SUFFIELD, Sept. 22 – Kyle Mullins’ touchdown with 4:59 was the difference as Canton snapped a 13-game losing streak with an 8-0 win over Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby under the lights at Suffield High on Saturday night. But the key to this victory was the heart shown by the Warriors on offense and defense.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 22: Warriors show heart on both sides of the ball in win over Windsor Locks

Week 2 preview
Canton (0-1, 0-1 Pequot Uncas) at Windsor Locks/Suffield/EG (1-0, 1-0 Pequot Uncas), Saturday, Sept. 22, 6:30 p.m.: A year ago, Windsor Locks drove the length of the field is less than a minute and beat Canton on the final play of the game. Tristian Caulley, who scored the gamewinner last year for Locks, played well last week in a 40-0 win over Housatonic/Wamogo, rushing for 189 yards and 3 TDs on just 12 carries. Danatas Correa had a 21-yard interception return for the Raiders. Canton played well in a 21-7 loss to Ellington/Somers. The Warriors trailed by one score early in the third quarter. Canton had seven tackles for losses against the Purple Knights. The game will be played under the lights at Suffield High.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 20: Farmington Valley football week 2 previews

Signs of encouragement in loss to Ellington
CANTON, Sept. 15 – A year ago, the Canton High football team played the Ellington/Somers football team in its season opening game. The Purple Knights scored 56 points in a 40-point victory. 

Ellington/Somers lost 15 starters from the squad that went undefeated in the regular season, won its Pequot Uncas championship and played in the Class M tournament but returned several talented veterans. Canton, on the other hand, went 0-10 a year ago and put another young team on the field Saturday for its opening game – again against Ellington/Somers.

This time it was different.

Canton may have dropped its 13th straight game in a 21-7 loss but the Warriors were competitive. They made plays. Ellington had a 14-0 lead late in the second quarter when a goal line stand from Canton on its own five-yard line kept the Warriors in the game. And in the third quarter, Canton marched 68 yards on its opening drive to score on a 50-yard run from Jessie LaChance to cut the lead to seven. Defensively, Canton had seven tackles in the backfield for losses.

“There were moments where we got a glimpse of what we could be,” new Canton head coach Paul Philippon said. “Overall, the kids played really, really hard.”

Learning a new system can be difficult and it cost the Warriors, who gave up some big running plays to Ellington. “They run the ball so well. The guys didn’t get into the proper alignments and they hit a few seams,” Philippon said. “Offensively, we made so many mistakes I couldn’t tell you. I’ll have to take responsibility. We may have to (slow down) what we try to get installed. We had some opportunities. We just couldn’t seize upon them.”

Philippon said the secondary of sophomore Cam Daley, junior Terrance Brophy, sophomore Sebastian Gumbs, sophomore Dan Delos and LaChance played very well along with sophomore linebacker Henry Bonini. At running back, senior Kyle Mullins ran hard. QB Eric Scott completed 7-of-19 passes for 48 yards.

Opening day milestones
Record: 14-18
Biggest win: 1947, Canton 37, Torrington JVs 0
Last win: 1958, Canton 18, Gilbert 6
Biggest loss: 1953, Gilbert 58, Canton 0
Note: Canton has lost nine straight games on opening day, dating back to 1958. The Warriors didn’t field a varsity team in 1961-62 or 1965-2006. … Canton faces defending Pequot Conference champion Ellington/Somers on opening day for the second straight year. The Purple Knights prevailed a year ago, 53-16 as the Warriors gave up the second largest number of points in one game in its history.

New head coach discusses how he will build program
CANTON, March 29 – You can sense the excitement in Paul Philippon’s voice. The long-time high school football coach is ready to begin teaching and building a winning football program at Canton High. Philippon met with players, parents and interested members of the Canton community in the high school auditorium in a meeting hosted by Friends of Canton Football, the parent-run booster club that funds the football and girls lacrosse programs at Canton High.
Collinsville Press, March 29: New coach lays out his agenda for players and parents

Philippon named as new coach at CHS
CANTON, March 2 – Paul Philippon, the former head coach at Bristol Eastern and a current assistant coach with Trinity College, has been named as the new head football coach at Canton High. Philippon replaces Roger Pearl, who resigned earlier this year after four seasons leading the Warriors.

Philippon coached Eastern for four years (2004-08) and posted a record of 31-19-2, winning two CCC South titles in 2007 and 2008. He was an assistant coach at Trinity last fall and has served on the coaching staffs at Glastonbury and Conard in West Hartford.
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