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This page was last updated: August 11, 2017
Canton High School
Canton, Connecticut
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n Head coach Paul Philippon
Reviving the tradition
2013 Pequot Conference standings, news, results

2013 individual leaders
FINAL (11 games)
RUSHING    Att-Yds  TDs 
Brophy            152-936   10
Delos              128-737   14
Scott                  51-256     1
Gumbs             45-214     2
Daley                 29-139     3
Cole                     8-60       1
Amoroso             6-16       1
Others: Melton 13-39, Harden 10-24, Steinfeldt 5-18,  Higley 2-15, Kiah Davis 3-13, Wilson 1-3

PASSING     C-Att-Int    Yds  TDs
Scott            58-120-7  1170  11
Gumbs          1-2-0         30     1

Gumbs           20-410    2
Daley              18-309     1
Wood              10-253    5
Wilson              6-185     4
Zukowski          2-26      0
Delos                 1-6        0
Brophy               1-6        0

POINTS      TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Delos        14-0    0      3    90
Brophy      10-0    0      1     62
Melton         0-0    28   0      31*
Wood          0-5    0      0      30
Wilson        0-4    0      0      24
Daley          3-1     0     0      24
Gumbs       2-2    0      0      24
Cole            1-0    0      0      6
Permenter  0-0    0     0      6**
Scott            0-1    0      0      6
Amoroso    1-0     0     0      6
Team                                    2***
*Has kicked 1 FG
**Scored on a punt return

FIELD GOALS:  Melton 1 (20)
PATS:  Melton 28-32

INTERCEPTIONS (14): Gumbs 7-84, Daley 5-91, Lawlor 1-20, Wilson 1-0
SACKS (6): Toland 2-37, Lawlor 1-7, Delos 1-14, Parchen 1/2-19, Bangs 1/2-9, Bonini 1/2-4, Amoroso 1/2-4
FUMBLE RECOVERY (13): Brophy 2, Delos 2, Gumbs 2, Bonini 2, Lawlor 2, Daley 1, Bangs 1, Wood 1
KICKOFF RETURNS: Daley 15-268, Gumbs 8-167, Wood 2-30, Bangs 2-25, Wilson 1-13, Delos 1-9, Melton 1-0
PUNT RETURNS: Gumbs 9-65, Scott 6-209, Daley 2-52

Granby 21, Canton 19
At Granby
Canton (7-4)7  6  6  0  -- 19
Granby (6-5)0  7  7  7  -- 21
First quarter
C: Cam Daley 13 run (Eddie Melton kick), 7:21
Second quarter
C: Jake Wood 25 pass from Eric Scott (kick wide), 2:28
G: Dominic Pagano 4 run (Matthew Holmes kick), 0:00
Third quarter
G: Pagano 9 run (Holmes kick), 7:49
C: Daley 2 run (run fails), 3:34
Fourth quarter
G: Pagano 11 run (Holmes kick), 8:48
Individual statistics
RUSHING – Granby: Dominic Pagano 15-143, Connor Field 2-8, Gage Fiorentino 7-37; Canton – Eric Scott 2-0, Terrence Brophy 23-95, Cam Daley 9-51, Dan Delos 5-23, Sebby Gumbs 4-19
PASSING: Granby – Curtis Field 6-17-1, 76; Canton – Eric Scott 5-15-1, 90
RECEIVING: Granby – Ian Downey 2-33, Connor Field 3-36, Gage Fiorentino 1-3, Dominic Pagano 1-4; Canton – Sebby Gumbs 2-27, Cam Daley 2-38, Jake Wood 1-12
KICKOFF RETURNS: Sebby Gumbs (C) 2-76, Jake Wood (C) 1-12; Ian Downey (G) 3-47; INTERCEPTIONS: Cam Daley (C) 1-18, Dominic Pagano 1-2

Canton 36, Enfield 7
At Enfield
Canton (7-3)            6  16  7  7  — 36
Enfield (4-6)            0    7  0  0  — 7
First quarter
C: Mike Amoroso 2 run (run fails), 4:19
Second quarter
C: Keith Wilson 27 pass from Eric Scott (kick fails), 11:51
C: Safety. Punt snapped out of end zone, 3:29
C: Cam Daley 45 pass from Scott (Ed Melton kick), 3:18
E: Jason Davis 3 run (Nicholas Joren kick), 0:18
Third quarter
C: Dan Delos 4 run (Melton kick), 9:37
Fourth quarter
C: Sebby Gumbs 1 run (Melton kick), 9:54
Individual statistics
RUSHING – Canton: Eddie Melton 3-22, Terrance Brophy 18-101, Sebby Gumbs 9-29, Dan Delos 11-109, Eric Scott 1-19, Cam Daley 1-0; Enfield: Jason Davis 5-27
PASSING – Canton: Eric Scott 5-8-0, 137; Enfield: Jason Davis 10-19-0, 80; Chris Lapointe 10-20-1, 93
RECEIVING: Canton: Sebby Gumbs 3-65, Keith Wilson 1-27, Cam Daley 1-45; Enfield: Nicholas Joren 8-109, Tyrik Henry 5-42
RETURNS: Gumbs (punt) 1-0; Daley (kickoff) 2-35; FUMBLE REC: Daley 1, Patrick Lawlor 1, SACK: Shane Toland and Miller Parchen 1-9; INTERCEPTION: Lawlor 1-20

Canton 42, Lewis Mills 16
At Canton
Lewis Mills (2-7)      0    6  0  10 -- 16
Canton (6-3)21  14  7  0  -- 42
First quarter
C: Eric Scott 44 run (Eddie Melton kick), 7:04
C: Jake Wood 39 pass from Scott (Melton kick), 5:27
C: Terrance Brophy 11 run (Melton kick), 0:42
Second quarter
C: Brophy 17 run (Melton kick), 9:59
LM: Max Stone 100 fumble return (kick fails), 3:35
C: Sebby Gumbs 39 pass from Scott (Melton kick), 2:41
Third quarter
C: Dan Delos 13 run (Melton kick), 5:11
Fourth quarter
LM: Safety. Cameron McHale tackles runner in end zone, 3:02
LM: Justin Pease 18 pass from Trevor Baker (Dom Jankowski pass from Baker), 0:18
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Eric Scott 2-42, Manny Harden 5-minus 2, Eddie Melton 4-7, Brock Steinfeldt 1-6, Mekiah Davis 1-0, Mike Amoroso 2-10, Dan Delos 7-49, Terrance Brophy 10-101, Sebby Gumbs 4-27; Lewis Mills – Lucas Lanning 5-minus 15, Max Stone 15-1
PASSING: Canton – Eric Scott 4-5-0, 99; Lewis Mills – Lucas Lanning 2-7-2, 31; Trevor Baker 12-19-2, 134
RECEIVING: Canton – Jake Wood 2-56, Sebby Gumbs 2-43; Lewis Mills – Max Stone 1-16, Justin Pease 2-33, Dom Jankowski 8-92, Griffin Hayes 1-3, Matt Rinkus 2-15
PUNT RETURNS – Cam Daley (C) 1-10; KICKOFF RETURNS – Eddie Melton (C) 1-0, Cam Daley (C) 1-15; Cullin Kennedy 4-52, Bill Yeager 1-0, Griffin Hayes 2-27
SACKS: Keegan Toland (C) and Matt Bangs (C) 1-9, Shane Toland (C) 1-9; Cameron McHale (LM) 1-2
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Trevor Watts (LM), Max Stone (LM), Henry Bonini (C)
INTERCEPTIONS: Cam Daley (C) 1-54, Sebby Gumbs (C) 2-39, Keith Wilson (C) 1-0

Ellington/Somers 26, 
Canton 14
At Ellington
Canton (5-3)6    8  0  0  -- 14
Ellington (5-4)       0  12  8  6  -- 26
First Quarter
C: Dan Delos 1 run (kick failed)
Second Quarter
E: Christian Schneider 8 run (kick failed)
C: Delos 4 run (Terenece Brophy run)
E: Mark Hickman 4 pass from Joe Leslie (run failed)
Third Quarter
E: Hickman 30 run (Leslie run)
Fourth Quarter
E: Schneider 6 run (kick failed)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Brophy 12-52, Delos 12-63, Daley 2-2, Gumbs 4-20, Scott 9-36; Mark Hickman (E) 4-40, Z. Luginbuhl (E) 2-3, C. Schneider (E) 13-58, Joseph Lesile (E) 15-82, Mike casciano (E) 4-30, Jeremiah Mason (E) 1-1
PASSING: Scott 7-12-1, 102; Lesile (E) 11-18-0, 119
RECEIVING: Daley 5-96, Delos 2-6; Hickman (E) 2-27, Luginbuhl (E) 1-1, Schneider (E) 1-20, Casciano (E) 3-42, Mason (E) 1-5, Ryan Ferguson (E) 1-8, Ben Kloter (E) 2-16
RETURNS: Scott 2-83 (punts), Gumbs 2-26 (kickoffs), Daley 3-73 (kickoffs); FUMBLE REC: none; INTERCEPTIONS: none; SACKS: none

Canton 41, 
Haddam-Killingworth 6
At Canton
H-Killingworth (0-8)  0   0  6  0 – 6
Canton (5-2)14  13  7  7  -- 41
First quarter
C: Jake Wood 49 pass from Eric Scott (kick fails)
C: Dan Delos 6 run (Delos run)
Second quarter
C: Terrance Brophy 9 run (kick failed)
C: Delos 1 run (Ed Melton kick)
Third quarter
C: Quinten Permenter 34 punt return (Melton kick)
HK: Joshua Breiling 4 run (run fails)
Fourth quarter
C: Brophy 11 run (Melton kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Brophy 12-85, Delos 12-44, Daley 1-4, Gumbs 3-25, Scott 5-84, Manny Harden 2-2, Me Kiah Davis 1-4, Mike Amoroso 2-3; Champagne (H) 7-15, Breiling (H) 9-19, Genovesio (H) 5-14, Segaline (H) 7-105, Watson (H) 2-10
PASSING: Scott 9-13-1, 181; Genovesio (H) 3-10-2, 47
RECEIVING: Wood 2-81, Gumbs 2-30, Daley 4-57, Zukowski 1-12; O'Neal (H) 2-39, Segaline (H) 1-8
RETURNS: Scott (punt) 1-29, Gumbs (punt) 2-4, Daley (kickoff) 1-16, Wood 1-18 (kickoff)
INTERCEPTIONS: Gumbs (C) 2; SACKS: Lawler (C) 1-7; FUMBLE REC: Wood (C)

Gilbert/Northwestern 28, Canton 15
At Canton
Gilbert/NWR (5-1)  0  14  14  0  -- 28
Canton (4-2)0    0    7  8  -- 15
Second quarter
G: Tony Ortiz 16 pass from John Lippincott (Joe Columbie kick), 7:27
G: Lippincott 3 run (Columbie kick), 2:15
Third quarter
G: Lippincott 5 run (kick fails), 10:15
C: Terrance Brophy 15 run (Eddie Melton kick), 7:20
G: Ortiz 90 run (Ortiz run), 3:39
Fourth quarter
C: Keith Wilson 42 pass from Eric Scott (Delos run), 6:02
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Gilbert/NWR -- Tony Ortiz 33-297, Matthew Nieves 3-14, John Lippincott 5-23, Aiden Tellier 1-0; Canton – Terrance Brophy 19-136, Sebby Gumbs 12-73, Dan Delos 16-88, Eric Scott 5-minus 14
PASSING: Gilbert/NWR -- Lippincott 3-8-2, 67, Ortiz 0-1-0; Canton – Eric Scott 3-15-0, 65, Sebby Gumbs 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Gilbert/NWR -- Ortiz 1-16, Seth Dayton 1-34, Nick Pedrolini 1-17; Canton -- Sebby Gumbs 1-14, Keith Wilson 1-42, Cam Daley 1-9
RETURNS: Gumbs (punt) 1-8; Daley 4-50 (kickoffs), Gumbs 1-6 (kickoff); FUMBLE REC: Henry Bonini, Patrick Lawlor; INTERCEPTIONS: Gumbs 2-0; SACKS: none

Canton 42, Nonnewaug 6
At Woodbury
Canton (4-1)           7  21  14  0  — 42
Nonnewaug (1-4)    0    6    0   0  — 6
First quarter
C: Terrence Brophy 5 run (Ed Melton kick), 4:19
Second quarter
C: Dan Delos 4 run (Melton kick), 10:48
N: Jon Gombos 1 run (kick failed), 6:43
C: Sebastian Gumbs 7 run (Melton kick), 3:40
C: Gumbs 29 pass from Eric Scott (Melton kick), 0:44
Third quarter
C: Delos 29 run (Melton kick), 10:33
C: Delos 13 run (Melton kick)
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Brophy 11-83, Delos 10-115, Daley 2-13, Gumbs 2-1, Scott 2-32, Cole 4-12, Melton 2-10, Steinfeldt 2-6, Higley 1-7, Davis 1-9, Harden 1-6; Gombos (N) 13-48, Metallo (N) 7-41, Bordiere (N) 2-14; Uberti (N) 5-14, X. Llenga (N) 6-37, Gunnuod (N) 1-minus 5, D. Lllenga (N) 1-minus 3; Mauro (N) 1-2
PASSING: Scott 9-11-0, 195; Metallo (N) 3-9-1, 35; Gunnuod (N) 1-3-0, 8
RECEIVING: Wood 1-8, Gumbs 5-151, Daley 2-30, Zukowski 1-4; Gombos (N) 1-14, Jenkins/Wheeler (N) 1-9, Milano (N) 1-12, Uberti (N) 1-8
RETURNS: Gumbs 2-40 (punts); Daley 2-46 (kickoffs)

 Canton 28, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 27
At Coventry
Canton (3-1)        7  7  0  14 – 28
Coventry/WT/Bolt (2-3)  0  7  7  13 – 27
First quarter
Can: Cam Daley 20 run (Eddie Melton kick), 5:43
Second quarter
Can: Keith Wilson 48 pass from Eric Scott (Melton kick), 3:13
Cov: Dan Lawrence 11 run (Konnor Schenk kick), 1:07
Third quarter
Cov: Daniel Gebhart 10 pass from Lawrence (Schenk kick), 6:58
Fourth quarter
Cov: Vincenzo Marciano 5 run (Schenk kick). 9:31
Can: Dan Delos 44 run (Melton kick), 3:59
Can: Jake Wood 30 pass from Sebby Gumbs (Melton kick), 0:50
Cov: Marciano 5 run (kick failed), 0:00
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton -- Brophy 15-88, Delos 6-68, Daley 7-39, Gumbs 3-8, Scott 4-17, Amoroso 1-1; Coventry -- Marciano 14-75, Gebhardt 16-89, Chasse 3-4, Dupont 3-24, Blosser 1-2, Warfield 2-7
PASSING: Scott (Canton) 3-9-0, 74; Gumbs (Canton) 1-1-0, 30; Lawrence (Coventry) 8-18-0, 102
RECEIVING: Canton -- Wood 1-30, Gumbs 1-16, Wilson 1-48, Daley 1-10; Coventry -- Valdes 5-70, Marciano 1-18, Gebhardt 1-10, Novak 1-4
RETURNS: Scott (punts) 3-97, Gumbs (kickoff) 2-40, Daley (kickoff) 1-16, Bangs (kickoff) 1-15
FUMB REC: Delos (Canton), Brophy (Canton); SACKS: none

Hyde 20, Canton 13
At Canton
Hyde (3-1)            0  12  0  8  – -20
Canton (2-1)         7    6  0  0  — 13
First quarter
C: Terrance Brophy 2 run (Eddie Melton kick), 0:55
Second quarter
H: Dwayne Hunter Parker 16 run (kick wide), 10:04
H: Hunter Parker 1 run (run fails), 2:53
C: Brophy 3 run (kick fails), 0:00
Fourth quarter
H: Ronnie Freeman 13 run (Hunter Parker run), 6:38
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Hyde – Dwayne Hunter Parker 21-120, Juanito Ortiz, Jr., 3-7, Quyten Brown 2-4, Brandon Brantle 14-97, Ronnie Freeman 5-72, Corey Johnson 4-17; Canton – Eric Scott 3-7, Terrance Brophy 14-32, Sebastian Gumbs 1-1, Cam Daley 2-5, Dan Delos 7-43, Keith Wilson 1-3
PASSING: Hyde – Hunter Parker 1-6-0, 6; Canton – Eric Scott 6-17-2, 87
RECEIVING: Hyde – Carlton Tillery 1-6, Canton – Jake Wood 1-19, Sebastian Gumbs 3-53, Cam Daley 1-9, Keith Wilson 1-6
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Daley (C) 1-17, Gumbs (C) 1-19, Matt Bangs (C) 1-10, Delos 1-9; Isiah Parkes (H) 1-24, Brown (H) 1-17; Punts – Hunter Parker (H) 2-16
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Delos (C); SACKS: Henry Bonini and Mike Amoroso (C) 1-4; INTERCEPTIONS: Brown (H) 1-0, Jaquaine Manley (H) 1-5

Canton 47, Housatonic/Wamogo 6
At Canton
Housy/Wamogo (0-3)   0    0  0  6 – 6
Canton (2-0)    21  20  0  6 – 47
First quarter
C: Keith Wilson 53 pass from Eric Scott (Eddie Melton kick), 10:10
C: Jake Wood 32 pass from Scott (Melton kick), 2:30
C: Dan Delos 3 run (Melton kick), 0:20
Second quarter
C: Terrence Brophy 69 run (kick wide), 7:05
C: Delos 5 run (Melton kick), 4:18
C: Delos 15 run (Melton kick), 0:11
Fourth quarter
H: Stephen Kopcho 2 run (kick blocked), 11:47
C: Jackson Cole 4 run (run fails), 2:08
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Dan Delos 5-34, Eric Scott 5-53, Cam Daley 1-5, Terrence Brophy 6-124; Jackson Cole 4-48, Alex Higley 1-8, Manny Harden 2-18, Brock Steinfeldt 2-6; Housatonic/Wamogo – Stephen Kopcho 11-25, Tyler Sebben 5-1, Nick Camardi 7-21, Kenny Weaver 7-minus 6, Chance Oneil 1-0
PASSING: Canton – Eric Scott 3-5-1, 100 yards; Housatonic/Wamogo – Stephen Kopcho 1-5-1, 27; Nick Camardi 0-1-0, Kenny Weaver 2-3-1, 34
RECEIVING: Canton – Keith Wilson 1-53, Jake Wood 1-32, Cam Daley 1-15; Housatonic/Wamogo – Chance Oneil 3-61
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Chance Oneil (H) 5-49, Billy Hurley (H) 1-5, Keith Wilson (C) 1-13; Punts – Oneil (H) 1-4, Cam Daley (C) 1-42
INTERCEPTIONS: Daley (C) 2-19, Oneil (H) 1-5; FUMBLE RECOVERIES: Terrence Brophy (C) 1, Tyler Sebben (H) 1; SACKS: none

Canton 16, Avon 13
At Avon
Canton (1-0)      0  0  10  6 – 16
Avon (0-1)0  7  6  0  -- 13
Second quarter
A: Jimmy Murphy 4 run (John Burdick kick), 11:53
Third quarter
C: Eddie Melton 20 FG, 7:09
C: Dan Delos 15 run (Melton kick), 3:30
A: Noah Hahn 1 run (kick blocked), 1:41
Fourth quarter
C: Terrence Brophy 6 run, 0:00
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Jimmy Murphy 7-70, Ted Allmendinger 4-19, Steven Griffin 8-31, Noah Hahn 4-20; Canton – Terrence Brophy 10-39, Dan Delos 17-101, Cam Daley 4-20, Sebastian Gumbs 3-11, Eric Scott 4-minus 22
PASSING: Avon – Noah Hahn 8-11-1, 59; Canton – Eric Scott 4-10-1, 41
RECEIVING: Avon – Justin Reichler 1-4, Luke Meaney 4-24, Dylan Marquis 2-15, Allmendinger 1-16; Canton – Jake Wood 1-15, Terrence Brophy 1-6, Keith Wilson 1-9, Sebastian Gumbs 1-11
RETURNS: Gumbs (C) 3-130 (punts), Marquis (A) 3-37 (punts), 2-45 (kickoffs)
INTERCEPTIONS: Gumbs (C) 1-45, Avik Vimal (A) 1-0
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Gumbs (C) 2, Matt Bangs (C), Murphy (A)

Previous seasons

Pequot 2013
Pequot 2012
Pequot 2011
Pequot 2010
Pequot 2009
Pequot 2008

Boys Basketball
Site established Sept. 2006
2013 Canton High football 
Thursday, Sept. 12  Canton 16, Avon 13
Saturday, Sept. 28  Canton 47, Housatonic/Wamogo 6
Saturday, Oct. 5      Hyde 20, Canton 13
Friday, Oct. 11        Canton 28, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 27
Saturday, Oct. 19    Canton 42, Nonnewaug 6
Saturday, Oct. 26    Gilbert/Northwestern 28, Canton 15
Saturday, Nov. 2      Canton 41, Haddam-Killingworth 6
Saturday, Nov. 9      Ellington/Somers 26, Canton 14
Friday, Nov. 15        Canton 42, Lewis Mills 16
Thursday Nov. 21     Canton 36, Enfield 7
Wednesday, Nov. 27 Granby 21, Canton 19
2013 record
Overall: 7-4
Pequot West: 4-2

Pequot moves back to 
two division format
AVON, May 26, 2014 -- With Housatonic dropping its varsity program due to a low number of players, the Pequot Conference has modified its schedule and divisions. In 2013, the Pequot moved to a three division format with seven teams in each division (West, North, South). With 20 varsity teams, the league is moving back to its two division format (Uncas and Sassacus) that the Pequot used from 1993 to 2012. Canton moves back into the Uncas Division.
Collinsville Press, May 26: Pequot Conference moves to back to two divisions

Five Canton players earn All-Pequot West honors
CANTON, January 1 – Canton had five players named to the All-Pequot Western Division All-Star team in balloting by the league coaches. Offensive lineman Pierre Walsh, utility player Sebby Gumbs, punter Eric Scott, DB Cam Daley and defensive lineman Shane Toland were recognized. It’s the second year in a row that Daley and Gumbs have earned All-Pequot honors.

Daley made big plays on both sides of the ball. Defensively, he led the Warriors with 106 tackles and had five interceptions. Offensively, he chipped in where he could. Gumbs is one of Canton’s most explosive players who can be deployed in a variety of positions.

Walsh was one of Canton’s most consistent linemen at left tackle. He helped the Warriors score a school-record 313 points this season. Toland had an outstanding season and was the team’s leading tackler on the defensive line with 60 stops and 1½ sacks.
Scott was Canton’s QB but he averaged 32.4 yards a kick as a punter.
Collinsville Press, January 1: Sixteen players from Avon, Canton, Granby named to All-Pequot Western Division All-Star team

Granby rallies to beat Canton by two, 21-19
GRANBY, Nov. 27 -- Led by sophomore Dominic Pagano, who ran for a game-high 143 yards and scored three touchdowns, the Bears (6-5, 4-2 West) rallied from a 13-point deficit to beat Canton and clinch its first-ever winning season and capture the ceremonial red Old Milk Jug on a wet and windy Thanksgiving Eve. Down by two, the Warriors (7-4, 4-2 West) had a first down on the Granby 27-yard line with 1:12 remaining. But the drive imploded. A fumble, two dropped passes and an overthrown pass ended the series, the threat to score and the game.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 27: Granby rallies to beat Canton in season finale on Thanksgiving Eve

Big plays help Canton beat Enfield
ENFIELD, Nov. 21 -- Quarterback Eric Scott completed 5-of-8 passes for 137 yards and two touchdowns to help spark the Warriors to a 36-7 win over Enfield on Thursday night. Four of Scott’s five completions were for 27 yards or more. Canton (7-3) won for the third time in four games and tied a school record for most wins in a single season – an accomplishment first achieved last fall. The Warriors can win a record eighth game next Wednesday night on Thanksgiving Eve when they travel to Granby to face the Bears under the lights at 6:30 p.m.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 21: Canton dominates Enfield to win 7th game

Canton wins debut on turf with dominant win
CANTON, Nov. 15 -- This was one of those nights that football fans in Canton have dreamed about for years. Not only was Canton High taking the field under the lights on a Friday night, but the Warriors were doing it at home in front of their own fans. A decade ago, football in Canton was just a dream. Now, it’s a reality.

Canton played its first-ever night game at home on its new multi-purpose facility, easily dispatching Lewis Mills, 42-6 before an estimated 800 fans – the largest crowd to see the Warriors play since the team was resurrected in 2006.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 15: Canton dominates Lewis Mills in debut of new turf field at home

Canton hosts first night game Friday, plays Mills in turf field debut
CANTON, Nov. 14 – There is plenty of excitement surrounding the first-ever night football game in Canton and the initial athletic contest on the new multi-purpose field at the high school. Canton will host Lewis Mills (2-6) on Friday night at 6:30 p.m. on its new artificial turf field in the final home game of the season. Senior Night activities will begin at 6 p.m., recognizing the 11 seniors on this year’s football team.

Friends of Canton Football, which funds the football and girls lacrosse program, will be paying for the rental of the lights and portable bleachers. They have secured a portable scoreboard from Ethel Walker School in Simsbury for the game. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 14: Canton hosts first night football game against Lewis Mills on Friday night

Ellington beats Canton
ELLINGTON, Nov. 9 – A few crucial mistakes cost the Warriors on Saturday in a 26-14 loss to Ellington/Somers that put a damper on Canton’s hopes to participate in the Class S tournament. Canton slipped to 16th and only the top eight qualify for the tournament. Canton remains alive but its chances are slim -- even if they can win their final three games of the season.

Canton (5-3) led 14-12 at halftime but a key fumble in the third quarter allowed Ellington/Somers to take the six-point lead, 20-14, on a 30-yard TD run from Mark Hickman. Christian Schneider caused the key turnover.

Ellington QB Joe Lesile completed 11-of-18 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown for the Purple Knights (5-4). He also ran for 82 yards on 15 carries. Dan Delos ran for two touchdowns for the Warriors. 

Canton takes care of business against H-K CANTON, Nov. 2 -- In the second-ever meeting between the two programs, Dan Delos and Terrance Brophy each ran for two TDs as Canton dominated winless Haddam-Killingworth, 41-6 Saturday afternoon.

The Warriors (5-2) moved up to No. 10 in the CIAC Class S playoff rankings. The top eight teams qualify for the Class S tournament. With four games remaining, Canton could be in position to participate in the playoffs if they continue to win. The Warriors have a challenging game next week at Ellington/Somers (4-4).

Against the Cougars (0-7), Brophy ran for 85 yards and two TDs on 12 carries. Canton QB Eric Scott completed 9-of-13 passes for 181 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Jake Wood scored on a 49-yard TD reception in the first quarter.

Ortiz leads Gilbert to win
CANTON, Oct. 26 -- Gilbert/Northwestern Regional's Tony Ortiz ran for a career-high 297 yards and scored two touchdowns to lead Gilbert/Northwestern to a 28-15 victory over Canton in a Pequot Conference Western Division game Saturday.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 26: Ortiz runs away from Canton in Pequot West showdown

Canton, Gilbert to battle for lead in Pequot West
CANTON -- Two area football teams that haven’t had many chances to win league championships face off in a crucial game on Saturday. Canton hosts Gilbert/Northwestern at 1 p.m. at Canton High with the winner moving into the driver’s seat to capture the first Pequot Conference West Division title. Canton is 4-1 overall and 3-0 in the Pequot West, including a thrilling 17-14 victory over Avon on the final play of the game. Gilbert/Northwestern is also 4-1 and 2-0 in the Pequot West. 
Collinsville Press, Oct. 24: Gilbert and Canton play for lead in Pequot West Division

Delos has 3 TDs in win over Nonnewaug, 42-6
WOODBURY, Oct. 19 -- The Canton High football team took care of business on Saturday. With a crucial game against Gilbert/Northwestern for the lead in Pequot West Division only a week away, the Warriors didn’t take their eyes off the ball. Canton improved to 4-1 and 3-0 in the Pequot West with a dominating win over a young Nonnewaug team, 42-6. The Warriors scored touchdowns on six of their first seven possessions and had a total of 478 yards of offense. Dan Delos ran for a game-high 115 yards and 3 touchdowns on just 10 carries to lead Canton. 
Collinsville Press, Oct. 19: Canton takes care of business in win over Nonnewaug

Another thrilling win for Canton over Pats
COVENTRY, Oct. 11 – For the second straight year, the game came down to the final play of the game. A year ago, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton scored on the last play in regulation to tie the game only to see Canton stop an attempted two-point conversion run to lift the Warriors to a two-point victory.

On Friday night under the lights, the host Patriots again scored on the final play of regulation on a five-yard touchdown run from Vincenzo Marciano. This time, Coventry needed one point to tie the game and force overtime. But a bad snap ruined the extra point attempt and Canton came away with a thrilling 28-27 decision.

As it was in 2012, Canton (3-1) had to rally to take the lead. Trailing by seven early in the fourth quarter, Dan Delos scored on a 44-yard run and Jake Wood caught a 30-yard touchdown pass from Sebby Gumbs on a halfback option play to give Canton a 28-21 lead. Eddie Melton was 4-for-4 kicking extra points or the Warriors.

Canton took a 14-0 lead in the second quarter after a 20-yard touchdown run from Cam Daley and Keith Wilson scoring on a 48-yard touchdown pass from Eric Scott. The Patriots (2-3) scored the next three touchdowns to take a 21-14 lead. It was Daley's first TD of the season. Delos scored his team-leading fifth TD of the campaign.

Hyde wears down Warriors with late TD
CANTON, Oct. 5 -- It had not been the most productive first half for the Canton High football team. The Warriors had managed just 73 yards rushing but thanks to 81 yards of passing from quarterback Eric Scott and a key fumble recovery by Dan Delos, Canton had a one-point lead over Hyde-New Haven at halftime.

But the visiting Howling Wolves didn’t give the Warriors much room in the second half, limiting Canton to just one first down and 25 yards of offense. And Hyde finally wore down the Warriors, scoring a touchdown with 6:38 left in the game to earn a 20-13 Pequot Conference victory Saturday.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 5: Hyde gets late score to beat Canton

Week 4 preview
Hyde (2-1) at Canton (2-1), 3 p.m., Saturday
Last week: Hyde 6, Granby 0, OT; Canton 47, Housatonic/Wamogo 6
Outlook: Another tough game looms ahead for the Warriors against an athletic Hyde team that has struggled to score points this season. The Howling Wolves were shutout by Valley Regional/Old Lyme in its opener, 34-0 and scraped by upset-minded Granby a week ago with a 6-0 win in overtime. Dwayne Hunter-Parker is Hyde’s most dynamic player on offense. He has run for 411 yards on 54 carries while completing 12 of 29 passes for 181 yards. Hyde is the smallest school in the state to offer football but they have been successful, earning berths in the Class S tournament in four of the last five years. They won Class S titles in 2004 and 2005. Canton is coming off a 47-6 rout of an undermanned Housatonic squad. Hyde will be no pushover. Look for the Warriors to try and control the ball with Terrence Brophy on the ground and have its defense create some turnovers. Canton has forced six turnovers in two games, so far. QB Eric Scott threw his first two TD passes of the season against Housatonic. …  The last time Canton began the season 3-0 was in 1952 when the Warriors went 6-0 that season. … The game will be taped by CPTV Sports for broadcast later next week.
Series: First meeting 
Collinsville Press, Oct. 2: Week 4 previews

Dominating victory for Canton over Housy 
CANTON, Sept. 28 -- The Warriors are off to a 2-0 start for the first time since 1954 after a  dominating 47-6 victory over a small, undermanned Housatonic/ Wamogo squad. Canton was simply too quick and executed too well. Housatonic runs the single wing offense and tries to keep the opposition off the field. Canton left them with little room to operate, limiting the Mountaineers to just 41 yards rushing and forcing three turnovers. Offensively, Canton QB Eric Scott completed 3-of-5 passes for 100 yards and two touchdown passes. Terrence Brophy ran for a career-high 124 yards and a touchdown on six carries. Dan Delos scored three TDs.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 28: Canton takes care of business with dominating win over Housatonic

Week 3 previews
Housatonic/Wamogo (0-2, 0-0 Pequot West) at Canton (1-0, 1-0 Pequot West), 1 p.m.
Outlook: After a historic and thrilling 16-13 win over Avon on the final play in the season opener, the Warriors face the task of trying to focus again on football. The Warrior defense forced three key turnovers that helped Canton beat Avon for the first time. Dan Delos, Henry Bonini and Sebastian Gumbs (1 interception, 2 fumble recoveries) looked sharp in week 1. They’ll face a Housatonic team that runs the single wing offense, a run-oriented attack based on deception. Look for Nick Camardi, Tyler Sebben and Jeremy Stiewing on the ground for the Mountaineers. Chance Oniel had 84 yards on six kick returns last week in a 48-8 loss to Morgan. Offensively, look for Canton to run the ball with Delos (17-101 vs. Avon) and Terrance Brophy (10-39).
Series: Began 1953. Housatonic leads, 10-4
Collinsville Press, Sept. 25: Farmington Valley week 3 previews

Warriors beat Avon for first time
AVON, Sept. 12 -- Nine times, Canton has challenged Avon on the football gridiron. And nine times, they had fallen. In the season opening contest, Avon looked to have Canton down for the count but the Warriors forced three turnovers and scored a touchdown with no time left on the clock to beat the Avon, 16-13. Terrance Brophy scored from the six yard line to give Canton its first season opening victory since 1958. Late in the fourth quarter with Avon leading by three points, Canton linebacker Dan Delos stripped the ball from Avon receiver Luke Meaney with 2:39 remaining. Canton marched 69 yards in nine plays. Quarterback Eric Scott completed an eight-yard pass to Sebastian Gumbs, who scooted out of bounds at the six with eight seconds left. 
Collinsville Press, Sept. 12: Canton scores on final play to beat Avon for first time

Week 1 preview
Canton faces Avon in season opener Thursday
Canton (7-3) at Avon (10-1), 4 p.m.
A bulk of the team that won a school record seven games and scored 217 points a year ago returns for Canton. QB Eric Scott returns for his third season and has talented receivers Sebby Gumbs and Jake Wood back. All-Pequot LB Henry Bonini and LB Dan Delos will lead the defense. Avon lost 19 seniors including All-State RB Colin Moore (2,144 yards rushing, 30 TDs) but they return several veteran players including All-State LB Jimmy Murphy and QB Noah Hahn (49-of-86 passes, 711 yards, 6 TDs). Avon is looking for its sixth Pequot divisional title in seven years. This could be the final game between the two long-time rivals. Last spring, Avon applied for admission for the Central Connecticut Conference. A decision was deferred to this fall but if Avon eventually moves to the CCC, the chance of future games would be slim. … The winner of this game will have an early jump in the Pequot West Division race. The other early contender looks to be Gilbert/Northwestern.
Opening day records: Canton 14-20, Avon 28-25
Series: Began 1960. Avon leads, 9-0
Collinsville Press, Sept. 10: Farmington Valley football, week 1 previews

2013 preview
Challenging season ahead for Warriors
CANTON, Sept. 6 -- There is a sense of excitement and anticipation around the Canton High football team this season. And why not? After going 0-10 two years ago in 2011, the Warriors responded with an outstanding season under first-year coach Paul Philippon. Canton (7-3, 7-3 Pequot Uncas) won a school-record seven games, set a new single season scoring record of 217 points and finished four games over .500 for the first time since 1958.

Outside of leading rusher Kyle Mullins, who ran for a school-record 977 yards and 13 touchdowns, Canton has the bulk of the team that achieved those accomplishments returning. That’s a good sign because the Warriors face a challenging schedule in 2013 if they hope to contend for a divisional championship in the Pequot Conference or if they hope to be among the top eight teams in Class S and earn a berth in the CIAC playoffs for the the first time.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 6: Experienced Canton grid team faces challenging schedule in 2013

Pequot splits into 3 divisions for 2013
It’s been a busy offseason of chatter in the Pequot Football Conference. The league finally agreed to restructure as some coaches had been advocating for the last several years. The 21-team league, which has been split into two divisions (Uncas and Sassacus) since 1993, will have three divisions (North, South, West) beginning next fall.
Collinsville Press, March 21: Pequot Conference to split into three divisions for 2013; Some schools look to SCC

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n  Fans crowd around the Canton High football field for the first home game at the high school in 2009.
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n The Warriors and their fans celebrate Terrence Brophy's 6-yard TD run with no time left on the clock to give Canton a 16-13 win over Avon in the season opening game.
n Canton hosted its first-ever night game on its new multi-purpose field vs. Lewis Mills.
n Canton’s Patrick Lawler (83), Henry Bonini (52) and Terrence Brophy (28) surround Granby’s Ian Downey (8) Wednesday night in Granby.