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This page was last updated: August 11, 2017
Canton High School
Canton, Connecticut
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n Head coach Paul Philippon
2014 Pequot Uncas Division champions
2014 Pequot Conference standings, news, results

Final 2014 statistics
Compiled from game coverage and Max Preps submissions
RUSHING              A    YDs   TDs
Delos                    200  1511  21
Gumbs                 113   1023  10
Daley                    119   974    14
Bonini                   34     207    4
Melton                  18     103     0
Higley                   23      -1       1
Others: Jenkins 14-61, Steinfeldt 8-24, Burke 4-9, Walsh 1-minus 1

PASSING      C-Att-Int   YDs  TDs
Daley                9-21-2    179     2
Higley               7-17-2    126     2
Gumbs             0-2-0          0

RECEIVING       C   YDs    TDs
Gumbs                7    105      2
Melton                 4     99       2
Daley                   3     74       0
Others: Higley 1-6, Bonini 1-11

                  TDs  2pt 1pt FG    Pts
Delos          21    2     0     0     130
Daley         15     1     0     0       92
Gumbs       13     0     0     0      78
Melton         2      0    48    0     60
Bonini         4       0      0    0     24
Higley         1       0      0    0     6

SACKS: Delos 5.5, S. Toland 4, Carlson, K. Toland, Yurchick, Bonini, Permenter 1
INTERCEPTIONS: Daley 4-25, M. Davis 1-0, Bangs 1-0, Gumbs 1-0, Bonini 1-5, Burke 1-0
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Milton 4, Delos 3, Bangs 2, Daley, Bonini, Walsh, Skinfeldt, Lafave, Burke, Gumbs 1
KICKOFF RETURNS: Gumbs 10-257, Daley 7-171, Melton 5-96, Bangs 4-6, Bonini 1-7, Delos 1-27
PUNT RETURNS: Daley 10-178, Gumbs 1-11
KICKING: Melton 48-50 PAT, Walzak 0-2. Melton 0-1 FG

Capital Prep/AF 28, CHS 21
At Torrington
Canton (10-2)              0  21  0  0  — 21
Capital Prep/AF (11-1) 0  8  12  8  — 28
Second quarter
C: Dan Delos 4 run (Eddie Melton kick), 11:55
C: Sebby Gumbs 80 run (Melton kick), 9:42
CP/AF: Dexter Lawson 19 pass from Rayshawn Phillips (Jakob Verda pass from Phillips), 1:38
C: Melton 65 pass from Cam Daley (Melton kick), 1:00
Third quarter
CP/AF: Terrell Boseman 16 pass from Phillips (pass fails), 6:53
CP/AF: Phillips 12 run (run fails), 3:27
Fourth quarter
CP/AF: Phillips 2 run (Nasir Williams pass from Phillips), 8:52
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Cam Daley 13-16, Henry Bonini 3-1, Sebby Gumbs 17-119, Dan Delos 14-65; Capital Prep/AF: Rayshawn Phillips 20-106, Jourdayne Ross 7-25, Steffan Napoleon 3-3, Team 1-minus 22
PASSING: Canton – Daley 1-9-1, 65; Capital Prep/AF: Phillips 18-27-0, 239
RECEIVING: Canton – Melton 1-65; Capital Prep/AF: Terrell Boseman 4-108, Nasir Williams 4-45, Jakai Gill 4-36, Edgar Torres 1-minus 1, Jakob Verda 2-14, Dexter Lawson 3-37
KICKOFF RETURNS: Canton – Melton 1-22, Gumbs 1-20, Bangs 1-4; Capital Prep/AF – Elijah Hales 1-10, Jakai Gill 1-30, Jourdayne Ross 2-27
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Melton (C), Bangs (C); INTERCEPTIONS: Lawson (CP/AF) 1-61; SACKS: Shane Toland (C) 1½-5, Dillian Murray (CP) and Michon Hunt (CP) 1-11

2014 individual leaders
After 12 games
POINTS      TDs PAT 2pt  Pts
Delos         21-0    0     2    130
Daley          15-0    0     1    92
Gumbs      10-2    0     0     80k
Melton         0-2    48    0    60
Bonini          4-0    0     0     24
Higley          1-0     0     0     6
k-kickoff return for TD 

PATS:  Melton 48-51, Walzak 0-2

Canton 42, Granby 13
At Canton
Granby (7-4)      0    7     0  6  — 13
Canton (10-1)    6   22  14  0  – 42
First quarter
C: Sebby Gumbs 34 run (kick failed), 5:39
Second quarter
C: Dan Delos 2 run (Delos run), 7:09
C: Gumbs 53 run (Eddie Melton kick), 6:41
C: Delos 1 run (Melton kick). 1:20
G: Trevon Samuels 2 run (Fred Moffa kick), 0:20
Third quarter
C: Gumbs 30 run (Melton kick), 5:33
C: Henry Bonini 5 run (Melton kick), 0:09
Fourth quarter
G: Connor Field 40 run (kick failed)
Individual leaders
RUSHING -- Canton: Delos 20-123, Gumbs 12-199, Daley 4-38, Melton 4-24, Bonini 2-8; Granby: Samuels 5-18, Connor Field 16-127, Strain 1-2
PASSING: Canton: Daley 2-2-0, 3; Granby: Samuels 1-5-0, minus 5
RECEIVING: Canton: Gumbs 2-3, Granby: Fiorentino 1-minus 5

Canton 27, Avon 21, OT
At Canton
Avon (6-4)          0  14  0  7  0 – 21
Canton (9-1)       0    7  7  7  6 – 27
Second quarter
C: Dan Delos 4 run (Eddie Melton kick), 8:53
A: Andrew Blackmore 41 run (Alden Getz kick), 7:37
A: Sean Del Gallo 1 run (Getz kick), 2:13
Third quarter
C: Sebby Gumbs 52 run (Melton kick), 9:54
Fourth quarter
A: Del Gallo 1 run (Getz kick), 10:47
C: Cam Daley 26 run (Melton kick), 5:20
C: Delos 5 run
MISSED FG: Getz 25, Melton 30
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Avon – Andrew Blackmore 8-63, Teddy Allemendinger 10-90, Jamie Dlugolecki 10-32, Sean Del Gallo 11-44; Canton – Cam Daley 3-38, Sebby Gumbs 20-149, Dan Delos 26-113, Henry Bonini 1-2, Brock Steinfeldt 1-2, Eddie Melton 1-0
PASSING: Avon – Del Gallo 3-7-1, 21; Canton – Daley 4-7-1, 19, Gumbs 0-1-0
RECEIVING: Avon – Geoff Kirk 2-7, Luke Meaney 1-14; Canton – Alex Higley 1-6, Eddie Melton 1-2, Sebby Gumbs 1-0, Henry Bonini 1-11
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Jordan Williams (A) 3-56, Sebby Gumbs (C) 3-64, Eddie Melton (C) 1-28; Punts – Gumbs (C) 1-5
INTERCEPTIONS: Daley (C) 1-0, Meaney (A) 1-0; FUMBLE RECOVERIES: Delos (C), Gumbs (C)

Canton 28, Hyde 12
At Canton
Hyde (5-4)  0  0  6  6  -- 12
Canton (8-1)      14  7  0  7  -- 28
First quarter
C: Dan Delos 14 run (Eddie Melton kick), 6:15
C: Sebastian Gumbs 26 run (Melton kick), 0:31
Second quarter
C: Gumbs 39 run (Melton kick), 2:12
Third quarter
H: Dwayne Hunter-Parker 9 run (run fails), 1:14
Fourth quarter
H: Ronnie Freeman 78 run (run fails),5:25
C: Gumbs 53 run (Melton kick), 5:10

Canton 42, Gilbert/Northwestern 6
At Winsted
Canton (7-1)            14  21  0  7 – 42
Gilbert/NWR (4-4)      0    6  0  0  — 6
First quarter
C: Cam Daly 50 run (Eddie Melton kick), 8:27
C: Dan Delos 3 run (Melton kick), 2:36
Second quarter
C: Daley 1 run (Melton kick), 11:10
C: Daley 11 run (Melton kick), 4:45
G: Paxton Franklin 4 run (kick blocked), 1:19
C: Delos 4 run (Melton kick), 0:51
Fourth quarter
C: Delos 15 run (Melton kick), 11:14

Canton 42, Enfield 7
At Canton
Enfield (1-6)0  7  0  0  -- 7
Canton (6-1)7  7  21  7  -- 42
First quarter
C: Sebby Gumbs 10 run (Eddie Melton kick), 8:26
E: Tyrik Henry 19 pass from Joey Roberts (Nick Joren kick), 0:39
Second quarter
C: Cam Daley 5 run (Melton kick), 1:00
Third quarter
C: Daley 61 run (Melton kick), 8:37
C: Alex Higley 2 run (Melton kick), 1:20
C: Daley 4 run (Melton kick), 0:12
Fourth quarter
C: Dan Delos 1 run (Melton kick), 11:14
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Cam Daley 14-184, Dan Delos 9-149, Sam Jenkins 6-40, Alex Higley 1-2, Henry Bonini 5-64, Sebby Gumbs 7-34, team 2-minus 32; Enfield – Joey Roberts 6-minus 7, Andrew Cain 5-4, Carlos Hernandez 3-3, Tyrik Henry 1-minus 2, Nick Serignese 1-0
PASSING: Canton – none; Enfield – Joey Roberts 12-26-2, 149
RECEIVING: Enfield – Tyrik Henry 2-30, Nick Serignese 2-19, Nick Joren 3-36, Jermaine Rivers 2-45
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Gumbs (C) 1-20, Daley (C) 1-13, Henry (E) 3-69, Cain (E) 1-10
INTERCEPTIONS: Bonini (C) 1-5, Ethan Burke (C) 1-0; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Brock Steinfeldt (C) 1-37, Matt Bangs (C) 1-0, Chemzek Kluk (E) 1-0

Morgan 31, Canton 7
At Canton
Morgan (5-1)   0  6  13  12  — 31
Canton (5-1)    0  0    7    0  — 7
Second quarter
M: Gabe Eriksen 46 run (kick failed), 6:08
Third quarter
M: Eriksen 65 run (run fails), 5:31
C: Sebby Gumbs 88 kickoff return (Eddie Melton kick), 5:16
M: Eriksen 12 run (Eriksen kick), 3:04
Fourth quarter
M: Ericksen 42 run (kick fails), 11:45
M: Ericksen 22 run (kick fails), 4:14

Canton 37, Windsor Locks /Suffield/East Granby 13
At Windsor Locks
Canton (5-0)               7  7  8  15 — 37
WL/Suffield/EG (3-2)  7  6  0    0  –13
First quarter
W: Jarvis Miller 77 run (Brennan Colli kick), 10:53
C: Dan Delos 19 run (Eddie Melton kick), 6:10
Second quarter
W: Miller 2 run (run fails), 3:39
C: Sebby Gumbs 60 pass from Cam Daley (Melton kick), 0:34
Third quarter
C: Delos 7 run (Daley run), 7:21
Fourth quarter
C: Delos 4 run (Delos run), 8:43
C: Delos 8 run (Melton kick), 0:55
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Dan Delos 19-209, Cam Daley 18-123, Sebby Gumbs 7-77, Henry Bonini 4-31, Alex Higley 2-minus 2; WL – Khamri Thomas 10-44, Jarvis Miller 12-138, Brennan Colli 1-2, Jeremy Wilson 7-58
PASSING: Canton – Daley 1-1-0, 60; Higley 0-2-0; WL – Colli 3-6-3, 44
RECEIVING: Canton – Gumbs 1-60; WL – Thomas 1-9, Miller 1-23, Sam Cutler 1-12
RETURNS: Kickoffs – Thomas (W) 1-17, Miller (W) 1-10, Jake Lareau (W) 1-5, Matt Bangs (C) 1-1, Daley (C) 1-21; Punts – Daley (C) 1-0, Colli (W) 1-3
INTERCEPTIONS: Daley (C) 2-2, Gumbs (C); FUMBLE RECOVERY: Miller (W), Bruce D’Agata (W), Melton (C) 2, Delos (C); SACKS: Nick Smith (W) 1-1

Canton 42, Coventry/WT/Bolton 8
At Coventry
Canton (4-0)14  14  7  7  -- 42
Cov/WT/Bolt (1-3)    0    0  0  8  -- 8
First quarter
C: Sebby Gumbs 29 run (Eddie Melton kick), 10:17
C: Henry Bonini 1 run (Melton kick), 1:59
Second quarter
C: Dan Delos 5 run (Melton kick), 5:36
C: Gumbs 30 pass from Alex Higley (Melton kick), 0:54
Third quarter
C: Delos 9 run (Melton kick), 4:05
Fourth quarter
C: Cam Daley 41 run (Melton kick), 11:10
Cov: Daniel Gebhardt 1 run (Terrance Luke pass from Daniel Lawrence), 5:12
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Brock Steinfeldt 4-18, Eddie Melton 5-41, Cam Daley 9-115, Sam Jenkins 3-5, Sebby Gumbs 6-101, Henry Bonini 4-30, Dan Delos 13-114, Alex Higley 1-minus 4; Coventry/WT/Bolton – Daniel Gebhardt 22-142, Daniel Lawrence 4-13, Ethan Valdes 1-1, Louis Warfield 1-minus 1, Konnor Schenk 5-33, Kevin Hampton 2-3
PASSING: Canton – Higley 2-4-0, 56; Coventry/WT/Bolton – D. Lawrence 2-13-0, 18
RECEIVING: Canton – Gumbs 1-30, Daley 1-26; Coventry/WT/Bolton – Ryan Lawrence 1-6, Schenk 1-12
KICKOFF RETURNS: Bonini (C) 1-7, Kevin Hampton (Cov) 4-58, Schenk (Cov) 2-20
FUMBLE RECOVERY: Pearse Walsh (C) 1-0

Canton 21, 
Ellington/Somers 14
At Canton
Ellington/Somers (2-1) 0  0  0  14  -- 14
Canton (3-0)       0  7  7   7  -- 21
Second quarter
C: Cam Daley 1 run (Eddie Melton kick), 10:49
Third quarter
C: Henry Bonini 28 run (Melton kick), 7:15
Fourth quarter
E: Jacob Hinkel 12 pass from Mark Hickman (Julian Herms kick), 11:13
C: Dan Delos 34 run (Melton kick), 4:51
E: Christian Rider 21 run (Herms kick), 2:55
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Dan Delos 21-150, Cam Daley 12-73, Eddie Melton 1-10, Henry Bonini 5-47, Brock Steinfeldt 2-5, Sebby Gumbs 6-31, Alex Higley 2-2; Ellington/Somers – Christian Rider 10-38, Mark Hickman 8-30, Izaiah Castro 6-16, Zach Luginbuhl 7-32, Derek Litty 1-9, Tyreik Noel 1-1
PASSING: Ellington/Somers – Rider 5-11-1, 60; Hickman 1-1, 12; Canton -- none
RECEIVING: Ellington/Somers – Joseph Mongillo 1-7, Ryan Ferguson 1-7, Jacob Hinkel 1-12, Mark Hickman 2-39, Izaiah Castro 1-14
KICKOFF RETURNS: Matt Bangs (C) 1-0, Cam Daley (C) 3-73, Izaiah Castro (E) 1-13, Mark Hickman (E) 1-13; SACKS: Will Carlson (C) 1-6, Shane McGowan (E) 1-1; INTERCEPTIONS: Matt Bangs (C) 1-0; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Jerry LeFave (C) 1-0

Canton 46, 
Stafford/East Windsor 0
At Stafford
Canton (2-0)27  19  0  0  -- 46
Stafford/EW (0-2)     0    0  0  0  -- 0
First quarter
C: Cam Daley 80 kickoff return (kick failed), 11:46
C: Daley 10 run (Eddie Melton kick), 8:06
C: Dan Delos 4 run (Melton kick), 6:01
C: Daley 16 run (Melton kick), 4:08
Second quarter
C: Daley 7 run (Melton kick), 11:42
C: Delos 1 run (kick failed), 6:47
C: Henry Bonini 6 run (kick failed), 1:34

Canton 35, SMSA/University 6
At Hartford
Canton (1-0)            14  7  7  7  — 35
SMSA/Univ. (0-1)       0  6  0  0  — 6
First quarter
C: Cam Daley 33 run (Eddie Melton kick), 8:24
C: Dan Delos 8 run (Melton kick), 3:52
Second quarter
S: Nicholas Lajara 4 pass from George Davis (run fails), 6:35
C: Delos 5 run (Melton kick), 0:30
Third quarter
C: Melton 10 pass from Alex Higley (Melton kick), 2:33
Fourth quarter
C: Daley 5 run (Melton kick), 2:25
Individual statistics
RUSHING: Canton – Dan Delos 21-91, Cam Daley 17-107, Eddie Melton 2-19, Henry Bonini 2-5, Alex Higley 1-0; SMSA/Univ. –  Eliyah Nyama 8-23, George Davis 3-minus 27, Allen Walker 5-7, Pharoh Mathis 2-minus 2
PASSING: Canton – Alex Higley 2-4-0, 31; Cam Daley 1-2-0, 32; SMSA/Univ. – George Davis 6-14-1, 56, Blake Breglia 2-5-0, 19
RECEIVING: Canton – Cam Daley 1-21, Eddie Melton 2-32; SMSA/Univ. – Devyn Lozada 4-34, Nicholas Lajara 2-16, Daunte Brinkley 1-14, Gary Miller 1-11
RETURNS: Canton – Daley 1-10 (punt), Delos 1-23 (kickoff); SMSA/Univ. – Lajara 3-37, Brinkley 1-10
INTERCEPTION: Canton – Mekiah Davis 1-1; SACKS: Delos 1-4, Liam Yurchick (Canton) 1-13; FUMBLE RECOVERY: Lajara (SMSA)

Previous seasons

Pequot 2014
Pequot 2013
Pequot 2012
Pequot 2011
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Boys Basketball
Site established Sept. 2006
2014 Canton High football 
Thur. Sept. 11: Canton 35, SMSA/University 6
Fri., Sept. 19:  Canton 46, Stafford/East Windsor 0
Sat. Sept. 27:  Canton 21, Ellington/Somers 14
Friday, Oct. 3: Canton 42, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 8
Sat. Oct. 11:   Canton 37, Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 13
Sat. Oct. 18:   Morgan 31, Canton 7
Sat. Oct. 25:   Canton 42, Enfield 7
Sat. Nov. 1:     Canton 42, Gilbert/Northwestern 6
Sat. Nov. 8:     Canton 28, Hyde 12
Sat. Nov. 15:   Canton 27, Avon 21, OT
Tue. Nov. 25:   Canton 42, Granby 13
Sat. Dec. 6:   Capital Prep/AF 28, Canton 21

2014 record
Overall: 10-2
Pequot Uncas: 9-0

Nine Canton players earn All-Uncas Division honors
CANTON, Dec. 31 -- After a dominant season in the Pequot Conference, Canton was recognized by the league coaches with nine players being named to the All-Uncas Division team, Dan Delos being named player of the year in the Uncas Division and head coach Paul Philippon being named as Pequot Conference coach of the year. 

Canton’s Cam Daley (DB/QB), Sebby Gumbs (DB/RB), Henry Bonini (LB), Shane Toland (DL), Eddie Melton (K), Caiden Permenter (G), Keagan Toland (G), Pearse Walsh (T) and Dan Delos (RB) were recognized with All-Uncas Division honors. 
Collinsville Press, Dec. 31: Canton has nine players on All-Uncas squad 

Philippon steps down as coach in Canton
CANTON, Dec. 19 — Due to the uncertainly surrounding the Canton football program in terms of the number of players, head coach Paul Philippon has resigned after three seasons. The Warriors one of their best seasons this fall, going 10-2, earning a spot in the CIAC Class S playoffs for the first time and winning its first league championship since 1958. But they did it with just 26 players on the roster, including eight seniors. Next fall, they are looking at 18 returning players – eight juniors, nine sophomores and a freshman.
“The whole plan was to build up the program,” Philippon said. “My wife and I looked at the numbers and there is no way this could be a long term deal for me at this point of my career. It can’t work for me if I have to be begging kids to play. The handwriting is on the wall.” Philippon took over the Canton program in 2012 and went 7-3 with 37 players on the roster. A year ago, it dipped to 34 players as the team went 7-4. This year, there were just 26 players that began the season.
Collinsville Press, Dec. 19: Philippon resigns as head coach after three seasons 
Trailblazers don't wilt in victory over Canton
TORRINGTON, Dec. 6 – It looked like a golden opportunity for the Canton High football team to seize control of Saturday’s Class S Small semifinal against the Capital Prep/Achievement First co-op football team. Early in the third quarter, Canton held a 13-point lead and after two mistakes by the Trailblazers, Canton had the ball, first and goal, on Capital Prep/AF’s nine-yard line. 
But the Trailblazers didn’t wilt. They backed up Canton and on fourth and goal from the 23, Capital’s intercepted the ball and weaved his way 61 yards upfield to the Canton 29-yard line. Five plays later, Capital scored – the first of 20 unanswered points as the Trailblazers ended Canton’s magical season with a 28-21 win in the rain.
Capital Prep/AF had 12 tackles for a loss. They limited Canton to just 42 yards rushing in the second half and forced the Warriors to take to the air. “They outplayed us,” Canton coach Paul Philippon said. “There were certainly winning most of the one-on-one battles. We were just getting beat. When a team takes away your inside game, takes away your outside game and the misdirection you’ve used all year, it’s because the other team is doing something really good. They certainly earned the win and we tip our hats to them.”
Collinsville Press, Dec. 6: Capital Prep stands tall to end Canton's season in semifinals

Warriors to make playoff debut in Torrington
CHESHIRE, Dec. 3 -- Canton High’s football team will play their first-ever CIAC playoff game Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. on the new synthetic turf surface of the Robert H. Frost Sports Complex at Torrington High against Capital Prep/Achievement First.

The game will not be held at Trinity College in Hartford as we reported on Tuesday. Both schools have to agree on the time and location and the proposed 1 p.m. starting time at Trinity was an issue for Canton, which has some players taking the SAT test on Saturday. The CIAC finalized and announced the Torrington location this morning.

The CIAC football committee ruled earlier this week that Capital Prep/AF’s home field, Dillon Stadium, was unplayable due to the muddy field conditions.
Collinsville Press, Dec. 3: Canton to face Capital Prep in playoffs in Torrington

Canton tops Granby for 10th win and ticket to playoffs
CANTON, Nov. 25 -- On Tuesday, Canton completed one of the greatest regular seasons in school history. With a dominating 42-13 win over Granby, they won a school record 10th game. Canton went undefeated in the Pequot Conference Uncas Division winning all nine games and claiming its first league championship since 1958. And they clinched their first-ever berth in the CIAC Class S football playoffs. 

“We’re so excited to be 10-1,” Delos said. “It’s just awesome. Our freshman year, we were 0-10 but we’ve continued to build up the program.” 

Coach Paul Philippon, now in his third year, usually has a razor focus on next week’s opponent. He seldom acknowledges the big picture with the media. “I think I will enjoy this for the first time tonight to be honest,” he said. “There is a certainly finality with the final regular season game. I’ll enjoy this a bit.”
Collinsville Press, Nov 25: Canton tops Granby for 10th win and ticket to Class S playoffs

Canton wins Uncas title with thrilling OT win over Avon
With victory, Canton takes first league title since 1958
CANTON, Nov. 15 – When their back was to the wall, the Canton High football team stood firm. Twice, Avon took a seven-point lead in Saturday’s Pequot Conference Uncas Division showdown.

“There may have been a small piece of doubt in some of them but their belief in each other was larger than that and they kept on going,” Canton coach Paul Philippon said. “We trust our teammates. We trust our coaches and they trust us,” Canton senior Cam Daley said.

The Warriors forced three Avon turnovers. They missed a potential game-winning field goal with 21 seconds remaining in regulation but made two big defensive stops in overtime. And then, Canton won it in OT when Dan Delos scored on a five-yard run for a thrilling 27-21 victory.

The victory gives Canton (9-1, 8-0) the Pequot Uncas Division title – its first league championship since 1958 and keeps the Warriors in the hunt for their first-ever CIAC playoff berth. “This game meant everything to us,” Delos said. “Everything was on the line for us.”
Collinsville Press, Nov. 15: Canton beats Avon in OT to win Uncas Division championship

Much on the line in final Canton vs. Avon game
CANTON, Nov. 12 -- With two games remaining in the regular season, Canton (8-1, 7-0 Pequot Uncas) has an opportunity to win its first league championship since 1958. They need to beat Avon, a team that has won five Pequot Uncas Division titles in the last seven years and has earned three playoff berths in the last six years. Avon (6-2, 6-1 Pequot Uncas) is hoping to keep their own flickering playoff hopes alive with victories in their two last games. 

With so much on the line for both teams, Avon and Canton will meet for the 10th and final time on the football field Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in Canton. Both teams have games remaining on Thanksgiving morning but this week’s game looms as a season-defining contest for both schools. 
Collinsville Press, Nov. 12: Canton and Avon meet for final time with much on the line

Roots of Canton, Avon rivalry date back to 1930s
They play for the final time on Saturday. Canton and Avon, whose football roots are intertwined with each other, hit the field on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Canton High. With a victory, the Warriors can win their first league championship since 1958. 

Canton (8-1, 7-0 Pequot Uncas) can also take a giant step toward a possible spot in the CIAC Class S tournament with a win. Avon (6-3, 6-1 Pequot Uncas) is looking to keep their Class L playoff hopes alive along with the potential of claiming a share of the Uncas Division title for one last time. Next fall, Avon will join the Central Connecticut Conference and this rivalry will come to a close.

The two schools have a long tradition together in football. Most of it was playing as one team for nearly 30 years. 
Collinsville Press, Nov. 13: Roots of the Canton, Avon rivalry in football date back to 1930s

Record-setting effort from Gumbs helps Canton top Hyde
CANTON, Nov. 8 – Sebastian Gumbs began the year with an ankle injury and missed the first game of the season. On Saturday, Gumbs started and picked up additional carries because teammate Cam Daley sat out the game with a sore ankle.

Gumbs took full advantage. The senior back ran for a school record 226 yards and three touchdowns on 19 carries to lead the Canton High football team to a 28-12 victory over Hyde School from New Haven in a Pequot Conference contest.

Not only did the Warriors set a new single-season record with their eighth win of the year but Canton continues to move toward a possible berth in the upcoming Class S state tournament. With two games remaining, the Warriors (8-1) are seeded fifth and the top eight teams qualify for the playoffs.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 8: Record-setting performance from Gumbs helps Canton win eighth game

Big plays help Canton top Gilbert for 7th win
WINSTED, Nov. 1 – The Warriors didn’t look sharp at times but they were able to make plenty of big plays as the Canton High football team beat Gilbert/Northwestern for the first time since 2008 with a dominating 42-6 Pequot Uncas victory Saturday at Van Why Field. Seniors Dan Delos and Cam Daley each ran for three touchdowns as Canton improved to 7-1 overall and 7-0 in the Pequot Uncas Division.

“I thought Gilbert did a good job against us defensively. We weren’t as sharp and crisp as we have been earlier in the year,” Canton coach Paul Philippon said. “But our kids settled down and got into a rhythm. They played hard, as they always do, and we were able to mix up our backs.” Canton had a 14-point lead after one quarter and a 35-6 lead at halftime.
Collinsville Press, Nov. 1: Big plays help Canton beat Yellowjackets for seventh win

Canton seizes control in 2nd half for 6th win
CANTON, Oct. 24 -- The Warriors walked off the field as the victors with a dominating 42-7 Pequot Uncas victory over Enfield on Friday night under portable lights surrounding the turf in Canton. The visiting Raiders turned the ball over on three of their first four possessions in the third quarter as a seven-point Canton halftime lead quickly expanded.

Canton (6-1, 6-0 Pequot Uncas) scored three touchdowns in a stretch of two minutes and six seconds to secure the victory.

Cam Daley scored three touchdowns and ran for a game-high 184 yards on 14 carries. Dan Delos ran for 149 yards and a touchdown on nine carries. The Warriors didn’t attempt a pass in the game.

“Folks say they don’t have depth because they don’t have a lot of players. But they do have depth. They have kids who can come in and play and play hard,” Enfield coach Jay Gaucher said. “They play physical.”
Collinsville Press, Oct. 24: Canton back on the winning track with big win over Enfield

Morgan hands Canton its first loss of the season
CANTON, Oct. 18 – Even without Morgan’s All-State running back Jake Ward on the field, the Canton High football team couldn’t contain the Morgan High running attack. The visiting Huskies ran for over 350 yards and five touchdowns in a 31-7 win, handing Canton its first loss of the season.

Ward, who set a new school record for career rushing yards earlier this season (over 4,700) has been injured and has missed the last two games, including Saturday’s game with Canton. Still, Ward’s teammate Gabe Eriksen scored five touchdowns and ran for 349 yards behind a large, veteran offensive line. Morgan QB Chucky Kostek completed 15-of-21 passes for 166 yards.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 18: Morgan hands Canton its first loss of the season

Canton forces six turnovers to win fifth straight game
WINDSOR LOCKS, Oct. 11 – The Canton High football team gave up a 77-yard touchdown run to Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby on the second play of the game. The Warriors didn’t allow much more than that.

Undefeated Canton won its fifth straight game Saturday afternoon as Dan Delos ran for four touchdowns and a career-high 209 yards in a 37-13 win over the host Raiders. The Warriors forced six Windsor Locks turnovers as Cam Daley intercepted three passes and Canton recovered three fumbles. After the Raiders took a six-point lead in the second quarter, Canton outscored the Raiders, 30-0 and forced five turnovers.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 11: Canton forces six turnovers and runs over Windsor Locks

Solid running attack lifts Canton to 4th straight COVENTRY, Oct. 3 -- Three Canton backs ran for over 100 yards to lead the undefeated Warriors to a big 42-8 win over Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton. Canton (4-0, 4-0 Pequot Uncas) scored on its first six possessions. Dan Delos ran for 114 yards and 2 TDs while Sebby Gumbs ran for a career-high 101 yards and a TD and Cam Daley rushed for a career-high 115 yards and a TD.
Collinsville Press, Oct. 3: Solid running attack carries Canton to fourth straight win

Warriors withstand heat to beat Ellington/Somers
CANTON, Sept. 27 -- The Warriors ran for 316 yards and forced two Ellington/Somers turnovers to beat the Purple Knights for the first time since 2009 and move into first place in the Pequot Conference’s Uncas Division with a 21-14 victory. Canton and Gilbert/Northwestern are each 3-0. It’s the first 3-0 start for the Warriors since 1954.

What made the win more significant is the size of Canton’s program. There are just 27 players in the entire program. There is no junior varsity team. A majority of the Warriors play on both sides of the ball. They held Ellington/Somers to 38 yards of offense in the first half. Played under clear, sunny skies and 80 degree temperatures, it was very hot on the field. “This team redefined toughness,” Canton’s Cam Daley said. “It took 110 percent to stay on the field and perform and that is what we did.”
Collinsville Press, Sept. 27: Canton survives the heat to beat Ellington/Somers for 3rd straight win

Daley scores 4 TDs in dominating CHS victory
STAFFORD, Sept. 19 – Cam Daley scored four touchdowns Friday night as the Canton High football team won its second game of the year with a dominating 46-0 victory over Stafford/East Windsor.

Daley scored a touchdown on the opening kickoff with an 80-yard run and added three more rushing touchdowns of 10, 16 and seven yards. He became the seventh player in school history to score four TDs in a single game.

Dan Delos led the way for the Warriors, rushing for 156 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries. Canton led 27-0 after one quarter and 46-0 at halftime. The Warriors controlled the game, rushing for 254 yards. 

Canton’s defense stood tall. They limited Stafford to 62 yards, recovered two fumbles and had seven tackles for a loss. Shane Toland led the way with six tackles and two for a loss while Daley had five tackles and a fumble recovery. Henry Bonini had four tackles and recovered a fumble.

The 46-point victory ties the school record for the most lopsided victory in program history. Canton beat Litchfield Junior Republic, 46-0 in 1935. The most recent Canton player with four TDs in a single game was Kyle Mullins against Coventry/Windham Tech in 2012.

Canton marches past SMSA to win opener
HARTFORD, Sept. 11 -- Canton ran for 222 yards and had three long scoring drives of 10 or more plays as the Warriors rolled to a 35-6 Pequot Conference Uncas Division win on opening night. On the other side of the ball, Canton gave up just one yard rushing to the Tigerhawks and had an interception, two sacks and seven tackles for losses. Senior Cam Daley was all over the field. He ran 17 times for a career-high 107 yards and two touchdowns. He caught a 21-yard pass from sophomore quarterback Alex Higley and completed 1-of-2 passes for 32 yards. “He was born a football player,” Canton coach Paul Philippon joked afterward.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 11: Canton marches past Tigerhawks to win season opener

Week 1 preview
Canton opens season in Hartford on Thursday night
Outlook: Canton has a core of experienced players returning this year including senior Cam Daley, Sebby Gumbs, Henry Bonini and Dan Delos. Looking for their third straight winning season, Canton makes its second-ever visit to Dillon Stadium in Hartford. The Warriors beat the Tigerhawks, 20-14 in 2012. … SMSA/University is coached by Graham Martin, who coached Canton for two years when the program was resurrected in 2007. The Tigerhawks lost All-Pequot QB Wilfred Alicea, who ran for over 1,500 yards and 13 TDs. But SMSA/University does return some talented players including junior tight end/DE Devyn Lozada (10-116), senior WR Nick Lajara (8-161, 2 TDs) and senior WR Daunte Brinkley. … A year ago, Canton won its first opening day contest since 1958 by scoring a touchdown on the final play to beat Avon, 16-13. … Canton is 7-1 in its last eight games under the lights. … This is Canton’s first season opener under the lights.
Opening day records: Canton 15-20, SMSA/University 1-13-1
Series: Began 2011. Tied 1-1
Collinsville Press, September 10: Season opens Thursday for Farmington Valley football

With talented core of players, Canton could be a contender
The Canton High football team isn’t blessed with a lot of players. There are just 27 boys in the program. However, the players Canton have on the field are pretty good. “We have a nice nucleus of players who have played a lot of varsity football the last two years,” Canton coach Paul Philippon said. “They’ve paid their dues in the weight room. We’re a stronger team that we have been the past two years.”

Philippon isn’t looking past the opening day contest at Dillon Stadium against SMSA/University on Thursday, Sept. 11. “I’m not thinking about (an Uncas) Division title,” he said. “The focus is on beating SMSA. It’s everything we have for each game. I feel good about this team. We can compete with anyone. I just want to score more points than they do.”

If they stay healthy and play the disciplined type of football that Philippon and his staff demand of them, Canton could contend for the Uncas Division championship and perhaps one of the eight spots in the Class S tournament.
Collinsville Press, Sept. 5: Talented core of players return for Canton, which hopes to be a contender

Pequot moves back to 
two division format
AVON, May 26, 2014 -- With Housatonic dropping its varsity program due to a low number of players, the Pequot Conference has modified its schedule and divisions. In 2013, the Pequot moved to a three division format with seven teams in each division (West, North, South). With 20 varsity teams, the league is moving back to its two division format (Uncas and Sassacus) that the Pequot used from 1993 to 2012. Canton moves back into the Uncas Division.
Collinsville Press, May 26: Pequot Conference moves to back to two divisions

Five Canton players earn All-Pequot West honors
CANTON, January 1 – Canton had five players named to the All-Pequot Western Division All-Star team in balloting by the league coaches. Offensive lineman Pierre Walsh, utility player Sebby Gumbs, punter Eric Scott, DB Cam Daley and defensive lineman Shane Toland were recognized. It’s the second year in a row that Daley and Gumbs have earned All-Pequot honors.

Daley made big plays on both sides of the ball. Defensively, he led the Warriors with 106 tackles and had five interceptions. Offensively, he chipped in where he could. Gumbs is one of Canton’s most explosive players who can be deployed in a variety of positions.

Walsh was one of Canton’s most consistent linemen at left tackle. He helped the Warriors score a school-record 313 points this season. Toland had an outstanding season and was the team’s leading tackler on the defensive line with 60 stops and 1½ sacks.
Scott was Canton’s QB but he averaged 32.4 yards a kick as a punter.
Collinsville Press, January 1: Sixteen players from Avon, Canton, Granby named to All-Pequot Western Division All-Star team
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